Betting Tips for League of Legends’ Matches

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Betting Tips for League of Legends’ Matches

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The eSports are gaining more and more space in the sports betting world. With many modalities available for bettors to choose, many bookmakers are already investing in not only many markets for them but also live streams for fans to follow the matches.

One of the most important eSports modalities is certainly League of Legends, or LOL as the fans like to call it. It counts with several leagues and teams around the world and also a great number of fans who follow the competitions on the best online betting sites.

So today, with the help of sports betting specialist Kate Richardson, we bring to you betting tips on four matches for the next weekend of LOL competitions. If you want to see Kate’s profile, you can check it here.

Team World Elite vs Royal Never Give Up

Both the Royal Never Give Up team and Team World Elite present themselves for this match at LPL Spring 2021 - Group Stage (Week 1-5) with victories in their last matches.

Royal Never Give Up has been on the rise for four games, having won TT Gaming (2-0), Suning Gaming (2-1), Oh My God (2-0) and Victory Five (2-1).

On the other hand, the Team World Elite squad has been undefeated for five games, having been successful in games against the Rogue Warriors (2-0), Victory Five (2-1), Invictus Gaming (2-1), TT Gaming (2-0) and LNG Esports (2-0).

For this match, as they are having a better moment and have a great squad, we believe in the highest probability of victory for Team World Elite. That is why our betting tip is: Team World Elite to win.

eStar vs LNG Esports

The eStar team is not living their best moment, especially after losing their last two confrontations against Invictus Gaming (2-0) and FunPlus Phoenix (2-0).

On the other hand, LNG Esports go to this confrontation after winning by 2-1 against Bilibili Gaming, which could give them confidence to face their opponents.

For this match of the LPL Spring 2021 - Group Stage (Week 1-5), we are not going to bet on a winning side, but on the map market. We believe that there will not be a third dispute map in this confrontation.

So our betting tip is: Total of Maps Under 2.5

DAMWON Gaming vs Hanwha Life Esports

DAMWON Gaming go to this confrontation with some good results in their last matches, they beat both Afreeca Freecs and Gen.G by 2-0 and are on the rise.

Things are also good for Hanwha Life Esports, as they have now four wins in a row which were conquered against DrangonX (2-1), Kt Rolster (2-1), Gen.G (2x1) and Fredit BRION (2-0)

Once again, we are going to choose the maps market to place our bets. We also believe that it would be necessary a third map in this confrontation, with a team winning by 2-0 without many problems.

That said, our betting tip for this LCK Spring 2021 - Group Stage match is: Total Maps Under 2.5

Nongshim RedForce vs Afreeca Freecs

The Nongshim RedForce go to this confrontation after a good 2-0 victory over Fredit BRION, putting their self esteem high and giving them confidence for their next LCK Spring 2021 - Group Stage match.

On the other hand, Afreeca Freecs accumulated two defeats in a row after losing to Liiv SANDBOX and also to DAMWON Gaming by 2-0 in both confrontations. Their moment is not the best and their confidence for this match is not at the highest.

So we believe that the highest probability is for a victory for Nongshim RedForce and the odds are good for this. That is why our betting tip for this is: Nongshim RedForce to win.


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There are other interesting matches of eSports happening every day and, if you are a fan of this new betting modality, you can certainly find many good opportunities to make money placing your wagers on the most different sports offered in the eSports category.

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And for those who want to start placing bets on eSports but don’t know where to start, the best thing to do is getting to know the modalities first, watch some matches, follow some leagues and then start placing bets. It is not a good idea to bet on something you don’t know well.

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