Pro Wrestler Big Cass Rushed To Hospital Following Seizure


Pro Wrestler Big Cass Rushed To Hospital Following Seizure

Big Cass, a pro wrestler known for his time in the WWE, was hospitalized on Saturday after collapsing backstage before a wrestling event.

TMZ reported that Cass was about to appear alongside other stars, including David Arquette and Tommy Dreamer, when he suffered what appeared to be a seizure during a meet and greet with fans.

Big Cass
Cass with Stone Cold Steve Austin.Big Cass - Instagram

People who saw the incident say Cass collapsed on his face and started convulsing, and some fans apparently mistook the medical emergency for part of the show. Despite the scary moment, Cass was reportedly on his feet and walking on his own as he left the arena.

Later on at the event, Dreamer told fans that Cass appeared to be doing well, but needed their support.

"Please say a prayer for Big Cass who suffered a seizure," he told fans. "For all the haters, it was not drugs-related. I've been with him all day. He's just been going through a lot of stuff."

Cass, whose real name is William Morrissey, was known for being half of a popular tag team with Enzo Amore in the WWE. He was released from the wrestling promotion last year, supposedly because of ongoing substance abuse issues.

On Sunday, Dreamer took to Twitter, telling fans he had spoken to Big Cass and that he was "doing well."

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We're hoping Big Cass gets nothing but good news from his doctors!

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