Biggest Misconceptions of Each Zodiac Sign

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Biggest Misconceptions of Each Zodiac Sign

Each sign has both positive and negative traits that they are known for, and often when you tell someone your sign, you can already see the judgement in their eyes.

Scorpios are obsessed with sex. Leos just want attention. Virgos are super conservative.

And while there is some truth to it, every sign is often mistaken and unfairly labeled.

We each have a side of us that we present to the world, and a shadow self that we prefer to keep hidden.

We are also all at a different point in evolution and maturation in our lives. We each express ourselves and our astrological traits differently depending on where we are in life.

So before you tell yourself that you could never date a Capricorn because they are just "too serious", remember that Astrology is not meant to give you all the answers, it's just a road map to help guide you to where you want to go. It should not be used to judge others but to help understand them, and yourself better.

Here are the negative traits that each sign is unfairly judged for, and what is truly going on beneath the surface:


Negative trait: Hot-headed

Passion is often mistaken for arrogance and even anger. As a fire sign ruled by Mars, God of War, it's not hard to see why Aries is often mistaken as a very temperamental and aggressive sign.

They burn with passion for the things they love, but they also have a very tender and sensitive side... they just hide it well. They are secretly sensitive and only a select few get to see that side.


Negative trait: Attention-seeking

Deep down Leos have hidden insecurities and struggle just like the rest of us... they just don't show it. But it's not that they constantly need the spotlight on them, it's just that they are often a generous and loyal sign, and they expect to get back what they so willingly give.

Leos don't necessarily want attention or affection from everyone... just the right ones.


Negative trait: Restlessness

This adventurous, freedom-loving, and independent sign is often labelled as being restless and flighty. But there is a deeper reason for this restlessness. Sagittarians are known as the philosophers of the zodiac - a sign that is on a constant search for meaning and purpose in life.

Backed by Jupiter, the planet of luck, Sagittarians tend to go on spiritual journeys and take leaps of faith in order to find their deeper meaning. They wish to learn about themselves through continuous exploration and this can often come off as restlessness.


Negative trait: Stubborn

The "stubborn bull" of the Zodiac is very misunderstood. They are a determined bunch and that is often mistaken as inflexible and uncompromising.

Problems arise when you try to control or force a Taurus. It's like riding a bull, it doesn't end well.

Instead, gain their trust and their respect first and you will find that the Bull can actually be quite dependable, generous and consistent.


Negative trait: Pessimistic

Capricorns have a reputation for being a reserved, skeptical and a bit cynical. Others will say they are cautious, disciplined and practical as many earth signs are.

But while they may have a more realistic and careful approach to life, it's for this reason Capricorns often reach great heights of success later on in life. Sometimes referred to as the late bloomers of the Zodiac, it's also been said that Capricorns were born adults that become more youthful with age. So that pessimism can turn into optimism later on.


Negative trait: Overcritical

The Virgin of the Zodiac has a reputation for being a bit of a perfectionist. This can result in some demanding, overcritical and even obsessive-compulsive behavior.

A Virgo just want to help others, but in a way that can come off as critical and judgmental. They are people pleasers who don't want to let anyone down, and they sometimes have trouble understanding why others aren't the same way.

As critical as they are with others, they are even more critical of themselves, so realize that they aren't picking on you... it's just part of their nature. They overthink.


Negative trait: Indecisive

The sign that is represented by the scales of justice can be seen as indecisive due to their need for balance and equality. They are gifted with the ability to see things from all sides, and so they are constantly weighing the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages of each situation. They will eventually make up their minds... they just cannot be rushed into a decision.

Their biggest problem is that often Libras are torn between doing what's right, and doing what makes them happy.


Negative trait: Two-faced

The twins of the Zodiac are commonly said to be "two-faced" and deceptive. And while you can get some inconsistencies and mood swings from this sign... they are a sign of communication and they will express themselves differently around different people. And so whether you get the good twin or the bad twin... depends on who you are and how they feel about you.


Negative trait: Unemotional

Aquarians can be seen as cold, detached and lacking empathy. But astrologically, they are also known as the humanitarians of the zodiac.

More concerned with the greater good and making the world a better place, they sometimes get distracted and seem less compassionate to the individual, which can be frustrating to their close friends or partners.

But they do possess deep emotions... they just don't always know how to express them.


Negative trait: Over-emotional

As water signs are known for their deep emotions, Pisces are known as one of the most emotional signs.

The reason? Pisces can be a bit too trusting- leaving themselves open for heartbreak. They tend to want to see the good in people even if it's not there, and so they are often taken for a ride by manipulative people leading to emotional breakdowns.


Negative trait: Sex-obsessed

Scorpios are intense and exude sexual energy, but they are not just about sex. In reality, this water sign uses sex simply as a physical expression of their intense emotions, craving for deep connection, and desire for true love.

So while they are a very sexual sign, they are also known as a very deep and loyal sign. They want to completely lose themselves in another partner physically, emotionally and spiritually. Did I mention that they're intense?


Negative trait: Over-sensitive

Is it that the Cancer is too sensitive or are they just cursed as the hopeless romantic in a world of hooking up and meaningless relationships? Perhaps their kindness and emotional nature is seen as weakness, but if you're looking for one that still believes in true love even after they've been hurt and broken countless times, find yourself a Cancer.