Bingo operators: How to spot the good ones

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Bingo operators: How to spot the good ones

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The online gaming sector has grown tremendously in recent years. The number of online bingo sites available has increased exponentially in recent years, as well as the number of players who dare to open an account in each one of them. The business has grown in the last three years more than it has in the last decade.

Bingo, as popular as it is, has a very hard core fan base and it has translated well into the virtual world. The game that started back in the 14th century as "Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia," has been passed on from generation to generation until it was finally settled worldwide with the name we all know it for. It finally became a very successful business all around.

Now, as it happens with any business: there are good ones, bad ones and shady ones.  Not all bingo sites are equally legal or safe: there are sites that are not regulated and where you could find yourself in trouble if you are not very careful. How can you recognize which bingo operators are safe?

In this article we will help you differentiate the good ones from the ones you should definitely stay away.

Is it safe to bet online?

Let's start with a question that many people still have, that is, whether online casinos and bingos are safe or not. The answer is simple: online casinos, bingos and bookmakers are not unsafe per se.

However, the bad news is that not all sites are safe. Before you start betting real money at an online venue, it is crucial to check that the site complies with state regulations and that it has a good track record and a spotless reputation among its users.

There are fraudulent establishments or those with a license —which is not necessarily the same thing, but which is quite similar—, platforms that take advantage of new players or those who are too trusting to steal money. Or even worse, information.  

On the other hand, the best online bingo providers are safe sites, that adhere to country regulations, that have a license issued by the authorities of the given country —and that ensure that their users enjoy responsibly.

Sites like Wink Bingo offer great and ingenious ways to play online bingo, adding an extra layer of fun to an already good game. Besides, they have online slots if you want to take a break from Bingo and try your luck there.

What must an online bingo provider have to be considered safe?

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There are different points that an online provider either casino o bingo must meet so that we can consider it as safe. We recommend that you memorize them and that you review them, even mentally, every time you go to open an account in a new casino.

A safe online bet site must have a license and be registered with the corresponding regulation agency from each country. You can search for the list of authorized establishments on the agency's own website. Likewise, the platform must have the Seal of Approval, which tells us that it meets all the technical and legal requirements demanded by the country.

The payment options must be varied and adapted to your national market. In addition, the website’s customer service must be fast, available in your language and have a wide and accessible schedule for players.

It is very important that the site works using HTTPS technology —which guarantees the security of the interactions between the casino and its users— and that it has an SSL/TLS certificate to encrypt your information and money transactions.

Also, it is always a good idea to look for casino and operator reviews in independent forums or in the comments of bingo review websites. Keep in mind that if a provider do things wrong, word will spread quickly.

Regulation Agencies

All casinos and bookmakers that carry out their activity properly must have a license issued by the their country regulation Agencies. This means that casinos and bingo places that do not have it will not be legal in the country. They may not necessarily scam you; but, in the unfortunate event that this happens, nothing and no one will be able to cover your back.

Regulation Agencies issue different permits depending on the type of game or bet. A safe bingo provider must be licensed for all the games it offers, be it slots, table games, live table games or sports betting, for example.

Nor should you overlook the certificates of independent agencies, such as eCOGRA or iTech Labs, which are dedicated to auditing the quality and transparency of the gaming systems offered by casinos.

Responsible gaming policies

In addition to all of the above, it helps us to recognize a safe casino if it complies with responsible gaming guidelines, that is, if it cares about protecting its players from gambling and prevents vulnerable people, such as minors from betting on their sites.

Fair gaming casinos and bingo operators also offer their users the ability to limit the funds they deposit on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or to restrict their gambling. That’s a very honest gesture from them.


As you can see, it is not that complicated to recognize a safe online bingo provider on the internet. It is true that there are some bad apples, but if you know what to consider when choosing an establishment to bet on, you will not be the one to eat it!

Bingo is a game that is as relevant as ever, and we must thank online bingo sites to keep the game alive after so many years.

These websites are not only designed to provide fun, but a complete experience and the only way to achieve that 100% is by considering all safety measures so players will know they can quit disbelieving and enjoy their time online.

Once all that is taken care of, there’s only room for having fun!

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