Doctors Are Besides Themselves Over Birth That Happens Only Once Every 480 Years

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Doctors Are Besides Themselves Over Birth That Happens Only Once Every 480 Years

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For Alexandra and Antonin Kinova, the 5th time's the charm.

Usually, you 'd be overwhelmed with happiness at the mere idea of welcoming your baby into the world. However, for one couple in the Czech Republic, there's so much more than a single reason to be thankful this season, as they welcomed their children- yes, you read that right; CHILDREN.

The couple, Antonin and Alexandra Kinova, were familiar with infants because they already had a kid. They were all the more happy and anxious to learn of the newest member to their family. But bear in mind, things got even more interesting when they discovered that they would be having not just one, but two kids.

Considering the simple fact that Alexandra and Antonin both originated from relatives with extensive past records of twins, they were gearing up to continue the family (or in this case, families) norm.

While in the task of helping make preparations for their new child, Alexandra and Antonin, who are both from Milovice (a city in the Czech Republic) learned from their doctor that instead of just one baby, they will be having a set of twins. Upon finding out of this latest development, the couple, packed with enthusiasm, began to make preparations for the new additions that will be made to the family.

It had not been particularly a surprise, considering that they hailed from families with long histories of having twins.

Nonetheless, almost instantly, their doctor called the couple and set up a meeting to re-diagnose.

The next ting the doctor said was something that they certainly never even imagined they 'd hear. The doctor showed them the ultrasound again and when they examined it, the doctor broke the news to them clearly; the couple wasn't expecting one infant or two ... but 4 bundles of joy!

You 'd think the updates would stop there, right?

Well, it didn't.

A month after that, Alexandra went in for one more ultrasound and this time around, it was uncovered that there was still one more baby in her womb!

"When we finally discovered that there was a fifth baby, I started to cry", said Alexandra. Naturally, the possibilities that this young lady was going to conceive 5 babies a once were one in seven million. Still, Alexandra was determined to breastfeed all of them.

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When it was finally time for Alexandra to deliver, the medical facility provided twice the regular amount of delivery personnel to cater for this delivery. This doubling also consisted of midwives and medical professionals, and this implies that the overall number of staff available for the delivery was almost 40. The head doctor of the hospital's neonatal division reported that the procedure happened flawlessly, without a single drawback recorded.

When it was all said and done, the young couple welcomed 5 new members into their family; 4 little boys and 1 baby girl.

The baby boys were named Deniel, Alex, Michael, and Martin while the charming couple named their beautiful little girl Tereza. All babies were born in a strong state, and there has been no single health complication announced from the mom and her new children.

"In this specific country, we have been actively recording statistics of birth ever since 1949 and in that time, there has never once been a mention of quintuplets. As a matter f fact, quintuplets are birthed in the Czech Republic once in every 480 years on an average", said doctor Alena Mechurova.

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