One Black Friday Shopper Has Claimed This Year's First Spot In Line

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One Black Friday Shopper Has Claimed This Year's First Spot In Line


After we give thanks for the blessings of the past year, we rush out and reward ourselves with discounted products, and also begin checking off items from our Christmas shopping list.

One Black Friday shopper from Texas is getting a two week head start.

You may have noticed that your email inboxes are already filling up with promotions or discounts on products. Some retailers like Walmart and Target are already offering Black Friday deals to entice customers to visit their stores multiple times.

It's estimated that approximately 100 million people shop in stores during the shopping holiday.

Some people see this holiday like this:

And others see this holiday like this:

One unidentified shopper doesn't care how it ends up, he just wants to be the first one to enter the retail store.

A man from Laredo, Texas has already set up his tent beside a Best Buy location on Thursday, more than two weeks away from being able to claim the best Black Friday deals.

However, this isn't his first time camping outside of stores; he's been doing this for six years now, and he is usually the first or second person in line. The shopper also said it's his favorite time of year because he can also socialize and develop a friendship with other people in line.

When KGNS reporters asked the man what he'll be doing over the next couple weeks, he said he'll watch TV, listen to the news, and people watch.

The shopper didn't mention what products he's waiting in line for, but we'd imagine they must be worthy to camp out for.

Would you ever set up camp outside a store two weeks before the shopping holiday?

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