A Website Blocked Her From Creating An Account Because Her Last Name Was "Offensive"

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A Website Blocked Her From Creating An Account Because Her Last Name Was "Offensive"


We don't get to choose the names we're born with, but they grow on us.

They become an important part of our identity, and we easily get offended when someone ridicules it.

While some people are okay with jokes being made about their first name, they tend to draw the line at their last name.

Our surnames don't just belong to us, they also belong to our other family members and ancestors. Essentially, mocking someone's last name can be taken as an insult to a large group of people.

That being said, people who have been publicly shunned for their surname are not shy to speak about their frustration.

For example, In 2017, one man from Canada was forced to change his personalized licence plate because it could be misinterpreted as "a socially unacceptable slogan."

That "unacceptable slogan" was his last name: Grabher.

Lorne Grabher took the matter to court, and after a lengthy battle over his license plate, he won $750.

It was because of a complainant that Grabher was forced to dispute the matter in court, but what if a website denies you? Is there much you can do?

"Offensive language discovered in the last name field"

To be denied from creating an account on a website because you have a common name can be frustrating, which is why usernames exist.

For Natalie Weiner, she didn't have an issue making a username, but simply plugging her full name while trying to set up an online account brought up an error.

She shared a screenshot of what exactly happened on her Twitter account.

The post has gone viral since it was posted yesterday, receiving almost 50,000 likes to date.

"I'm weeping," Weiner wrote in good humor. "This is without a doubt the best thing that's ever happened to me."

According to Weiner's follow-up tweet, she was trying to make an account on MaxPreps, which is a site that posts high school sports.

Weiner is not the only one who has encountered a problem like this.

Kyle Medick and James Butts aren't the only ones either...

According to the Daily Mirror, some websites use algorithms to stop people from imputing "offensive content."

Fortunately, the website responded to Weiner's tweet and were kind enough to make an exception.

Do you think people with "socially unacceptable" last names should be blocked? Share your opinion in the comments section.

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