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8-Year-Old Holds Toy Drive For Victims Of The Hurricane

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Christmas: it is the season of giving, of love and appreciation, and helping those less fortunate. We all hope to instill some of that magic in our children as they grow up so that they can discover the joys of spreading goodwill across the world.

It seems that this was taken to heart by Jayden Perez, an eight-year-old boy from New Jersey who wanted to do his part to help the children in Puerto Rico after seeing the destruction from the hurricanes this past year.

It all started back in September when his mother's boss gave them tickets to go see the New York Giants, his favorite team. They were overjoyed, as Jayden was a huge fan of the team and football in general.

Jayden was particularly struck by this act of kindness. So when Hurricane Maria rolled over Puerto Rico and caused a lot of destruction, he convinced his mother that they had to go around and collect donations.

They managed to ship out 40 boxes when they were finished, but this was only the beginning for Jayden.

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