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Boy Who "Died" Twice Comes Back With A Message About His Dead Father

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One Sunday morning in 1997, Julie Kemp, her husband Andy and their eight-year-old son, Landon, were driving home from church when their car was struck by an ambulance at an intersection. Unfortunately, Andy died instantly, but the first responders were able to resuscitate and stabilize Julie.  

But what they failed to realize was that there was a third passenger in the car with life-threatening injuries.    

"They couldn’t see his [Landon] body because of the damage that was done to the driver’s side of the car and Landon was sitting behind his dad," Julie told CBN. "When they pulled Landon out from the back of the car, he was not breathing. And they all started working on him right away to bring him back."  


The mother and son pair were transported to Carolina Medical Center where Landon was eventually resuscitated, but his heart stopped twice, meaning he died two more times that day.

Landon was brought back to life each time, but doctors told Julie that they had little hope that her son would survive after suffering such a massive head trauma.

Julie, who had been planning her husband's funeral, recalled feeling defeated and abandoned by God, but she did not give up hope or kept praying.

“He’s hooked up to all kinds of machines to keep him alive,” said Julie. “And there are no signs. There’s nothing good or bad. They see nothing happening. I kept praying that he would open his eyes.”


It took two weeks, but Landon finally opened his eyes, and to everyone's utter surprise, he did not sustain any damage to his brain. However, nothing came as a shock more than what Landon told his mother after she asked him if he knew where his father was.

“I asked Landon, do you know where your dad is? And he replied, ‘Yes, I know where he is. I saw him in heaven,'” Julie said.

Landon then proceeded to tell his mother more about his amazing experience in the afterlife.

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