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Boy Scout Who Offered To Mow The White House Lawn Did "A Great Job" With The President's Help

The White House says it's common to receive more than 20,000 letters and e-mails every day, but one little boy's sweet note to President Trump managed to reach the Commander in Chief himself.

At a press conference on a few months ago, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders read a letter from an 11-year-old boy named Frank Giaccio that included an unusual request. "It would be my honor," he wrote, "to mow the White House lawn some weekend for you."

It turns out Frank - or FX as his family calls him - runs a lawn mowing business in his neighborhood, and wanted to show the president "what young people like me are ready for."

Frank poses in his school Safety Patrol sash.Fox 5

Frank explains that he admires President Trump's business skills, and included his qualifications, saying that he's been mowing his neighbors' lawns for a while now. Plus, Frank will go the extra mile for the chance to work at the White House.

Frank, standing in front of the White House.Fox 5

He offers the president a free power mowing, push mowing or weed whacking, and promises he "can bring extra fuel for the power mower and charged batteries for the weed whacker."

This week, President Trump took up young Frank's offer and they shared a special moment in the White House Rose Garden, plus he gave the young businessman another cool surprise.

True to his word, President Trump invited Frank to the Rose Garden and let him show off his skills with his mower.

The National Parks Service normally trims the White House lawn, and it would take at least 13 hours for Frank to cut all of the grass himself, so they just let him work on a small section of the Garden.

The President wished Frank a happy birthday - he was 10 when he sent the letter and has since turned 11 - and was on hand to watch the young boy mow the lawn. It might seem like a chore, but Frank told Fox News that this was "pretty much the best day of my life."

Trump walked alongside Frank as he gave the lawn a trim, and had one more surprise in store for the Boy Scout. Frank and his father Greg were invited inside for a tour, and posed for a photo with the President behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.

When President Trump answered Frank's letter, he said that "it's our responsibility to keep the American dream alive for kids like Frank," and that's exactly what he accomplished with this visit.

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