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Teen's Boyfriend Dies In Tragic Crash, The Person Who Takes Her To Prom Will Bring You To Tears

Miramichi / Greater Saint John

When adolescents fall in love, they fall hard.

Teens are much more emotionally vulnerable, which is why they immediately get butterflies when they have a crush on someone and are an emotional wreck right when they get broken up with.

There seems to be no half-way, it's all or nothing.

Now, losing someone you're head over heels with. That's another story.

Book Of Memories / CBC

Mackenzie Stewart lost the love of her life, Marshall Curtis, when he died in a tragic car accident on May 14.

Marshall graduated last year, but the two were going to go to prom together.

Mackenzie was devastated, and couldn't imagine going to prom without the person who had asked her.

Having to watch friends dancing with their prom dates would undoubtedly dampen her mood by reminding her of the tragedy.

Marshall's parents were also grieving over the loss of their beloved son. Despite their overwhelming sorrow, they wanted to do something special for Mackenzie.

"She's been a big part of our family for over two years now and she's Marshall's girl," Carson, Marshall's father, said. "We love Mackenzie like our own daughter."

Carson offered to take the grieving teen to her school prom in New Brunswick, Canada, and she said yes!

That Saturday, they arrived at Blackville High School in a bright yellow 1965 Volkswagen Bradley.

Mackenzie wore a stunning long grey chiffon skirt with a beaded top, and Carson wore a black suit with a checkered tie.

On the driver's side of the car was a sticker with a photo of the couple and two hearts. The caption read, "Marshall and Mackenzie Forever."

Greater Saint John

"I guess I did the right thing," Carson told CBC, "I was kind of nervous thinking maybe [people would think], 'What's this old guy doing here?' But everything worked out, and my whole family — we just can't believe the supportive community we have."

The two walked arm in arm through the front doors, where everyone stood clapping, with tears streaming down their faces.

The teen was crowned prom queen. And in our hearts, we all know that both Carson and his late son deserved the title of prom king.

"He would be so proud, so proud of everybody. All his buddies were there. It was just like he was there, and I believe he was there," Carson said.

The father told reporters that "it wasn't the easy thing to do, but it was the right thing to do."

He hopes that no father ever be in his shoes. RIP Marshall, you will be missed.

[H/T: CBC]

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