Brace Yourselves, A Third Kardashian Is Pregnant

Brace Yourselves, A Third Kardashian Is Pregnant

If you've been anywhere on the internet in the last six weeks, you know that the Kardashians are experiencing a baby bonanza.

Less than a year ago, Rob Kardashian welcomed his daughter Dream.

Then, in September, it was announced that 20-year-old Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the siblings, was expecting her first child with rapper boyfriend Travis Scott.

"Kylie was really surprised but is so happy," says an insider. "She wants to be a mom. It is an unexpected but completely amazing turn of events that she could not be more excited or thrilled about."

US Weekly

This news was confirmed by Caitlyn Jenner's rep, and then less than a week after that, it was announced that Khloe Kardashian is pregnant with NBA star boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

"My boyfriend is very protective of me," she says. "Feeling loved and validated and secure is a huge thing. Tristan is protective of my entire family, which is beautiful. And I love that everything we do is as a union. When he speaks, it's 'us' and 'we,' and that's important because it shows that you're sharing life."

Plus, Kim Kardashian-West is expecting her third child via surrogate, to join her growing family.

Now, because apparently 3 impending babies isn't enough, there's another Kardashian sister reportedly pregnant.

According to Life & Style Magazine, Kourtney Kardashian, the oldest sister, is expecting her fourth child.

"Even though this is a very exciting time for her, she wants to be more private for now and is doing her best to stay out of the public eye," says the source. "She feels good, but her body is changing. She doesn't want to be photographed. At the moment, she wants more privacy. She has family and friends come to her house instead so she has company. She's very excited about the baby though. She talks about the baby nonstop. She is already shopping like crazy."

But unlike her other three kids, the father will not be on-again off-again boyfriend Scott Disick.

The couple shares three kids together, Mason, Penelope, and Reign. But after years of alcohol abuse and cheating allegations, Kourtney finally kicked Scott to the curb. But that hasn't slowed down his playboy ways. Disick is now dating 19-year-old Sofia Richie. Yes, that Richie. As in Lionel Richie's daughter.

The father is reportedly Kourtney's boyfriend Younes Bendjima. He's 23 years old, a former professional boxer, a current model, and he's trilingual (English, French, and Arabic.) There's a 14-year age gap, but the couple doesn't seem to care.

Life and Style

"She needs a man who will be both present and sober," the source explained. "With his charming personality and intelligence, Younes will make the perfect father."

The news about her pregnancy, if true, would explain a lot about her recent shopping trip. Kim and Kourtney spent the day at a baby store in Los Angeles.

As with the other pregnancies, this one has yet to be confirmed by the family. If it's true, we hope she has a healthy and happy baby on he way!

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