'Brady Bunch' Stars Return To Their TV Home In A Special Reunion

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'Brady Bunch' Stars Return To Their TV Home In A Special Reunion


Here's a story, of a hit TV show - one that still has fans a'plenty round the world.

All the kids had a reunion (without their mother, just Brady boys and girls).

Okay, that's enough of my take on The Brady Bunch's classic theme song, but you get the picture.

Brady Bunch reunion
The Brady kids returned to their iconic TV home for a new special.HGTV

Yes, all six of the Brady kids - who have sometimes butted heads in the past - reunited for a new project to renovate their iconic TV home.

The renovation, filmed for an HGTV series called A Very Brady Makeover, will premiere next year, but the network has already given us a sneak peek that includes the bunch's first look at their old digs.

Building Brady: The Gang's All Here

Brady Bunch cast members and HGTV talent see the iconic Brady home for the first time together.

Posted by A Very Brady Renovation on Monday, December 3, 2018

Maureen McCormick (Marcia), Eve Plumb (Jan) and Susan Olsen (Cindy), were joined by Barry Williams (Greg), Christopher Knight (Peter), and Mike Lookinland (Bobby) as they toured the Studio City home where the show was filmed.

They were also joined by an all-star cast of HGTV hosts, including Property Brothers stars Jonathan and Drew Scott and Restored by the Fords siblings Leanne and Steve Ford.

Together, these two groups will work to whip the Brady home back into "˜70s shape, with a floor-to-ceiling reno that hopes to combine retro chic and modern style.

Brady Bunch reunion
All six of the original Brady kids are joining the renovation.HGTV

The project has already made headlines, after HGTV producers got into a bidding war with "˜N Sync member Lance Bass for the property.

The bunch's tour of there TV home brought back some happy memories, but also gave viewers their first glimpse of the home as it looks today.

This biggest difference? That famous staircase seen in the Brady family's living room is nowhere to be found.

The Brady Bunch living room
The renovators will dig a basement level to add in the iconic Brady staircase.Menesa Pritchett

It turns out only the outside of the home was used on the show, while the interior scenes were filmed on sound stages. The real house is a split-level, so the staircase was always just a prop added to the home for looks.

Olsen even said she felt "lied to," after she was told as a child that the house and set looked exactly the same.

"There's a nine-year-old inside of me saying, 'See, see, I was right!'" she said.

Ironically, adding a staircase to the room is one of the first jobs on the list of renovations, and the Scott brothers will tackle it with McCormick and Knight by digging a second level into the basement.

One feature that's thankfully real is the room's gorgeous stone fireplace - hopefully it will still be there when the work is finished.

There's a lot of work ahead before the fully renovated Brady home is unveiled next year, and we'll have to wait until September, 2019 to see the house in its restored glory.

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