Bride's Emotional Dance With Groom In Wheelchair Will Make You Cry

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Bride's Emotional Dance With Groom In Wheelchair Will Make You Cry

Cia Sinfonica - WhatsApp / Cinthia Zanuni - Facebook

The older I get, the more I feel that if you've seen one wedding, you've seen them all.

Yes, there are sweet moments in every ceremony, like the first dance and cutting the cake. But after you've been to a few weddings they can start to blend together in your head.

But a newlywed couple from Brazil shared a heartfelt moment at their reception that was one of a kind, and a video of their touching first dance has been going viral ever since.

Bride and groom wheelchair
Cinthia and Hugo met through a dating app.Cynthia Zanuni - Facebook

Cinthia Zanuni, 33, met Hugo Rohling, 38, through a dating app several years ago. One of the first things she noticed in Hugo's profile was his wheelchair, which Hugo has used since he was paralyzed by a motorcycle accident in 2014.

As he revealed to Cinthia, several other women had already turned him down simply because of his disability. But thankfully, Cinthia appreciated Hugo for who he was, wheelchair and all.

When the happy couple started planning their wedding ceremony, Hugo mentioned that he had something special in mind for their first dance. As Cinthia explained to G1, they planned for a moment where their hearts "were beating at the same height," and spent days rehearsing a special dance routine.

Everything came together at their reception this month, where the pair waltzed on the dance floor as smoothly as any couple.

Tive o prazer de participar desse casamento incrí­vel dos meus amigos Cinthia Zanuni II e Hugo Rohling em Cuiabá, e vou compartilhar esse ví­deo do que realmente o Amor é capaz.💙💙💙.

Posted by Marcelo Henrique da Silva on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Then, Hugo's father and brother took to the floor. By binding their legs to Hugo's and supporting his weight, the groom was able to slow dance with his bride as he stood on his own two feet.

A video of the sweet moment recorded by one of their guests has already been watched more than 13 million times by viewers from around the world. And the newlyweds couldn't be happier about their viral fame, since highlighting how people with disabilities are just like anyone else was one of their goals.

Bride and groom wheelchair
Hugo stood for his first dance with help from his family.Cia Sinfonica - WhatsApp

The pair revealed that simple things like finding Hugo a tailored suit, finding an accessible wedding venue, and planning a honeymoon proved to be seriously challenging with Hugo's disability.

Hopefully, seeing this beautiful first dance will remind all of us to be a little more thoughtful, and to build a more inclusive world for people with disabilities.

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Did you get choked up watching this sweet video?

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