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Bride Is Speechless After Groom Leaves Altar For An Unexpected Reason

The vow exchanging portion of a wedding is arguably one of the most important and meaningful parts of the ceremony which is why when one groom walked off the altar during his vows, the bride and guests were taken aback.

Thankfully he wasn't leaving her at the altar, instead he was about to do something that no one in the room would've predicted and there was not a dry eye in the chapel.

The groom unexpectedly interrupted the ceremony to deliver a promise to another special lady - his new stepdaughter.

He kneeled down in front of the little girl to officially welcome her into his life and promised to love her forever with vows he wrote just for her. He also gave her a rare gift, a gesture that made everything all the more special.

The groom's stunt was captured on camera and has been making the rounds online. Watch video below to see the heartwarming moment unfold and see how he took everyone by surprise.

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