Bride Freaks Out After People Refuse To Pay For Their Own Dinner

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Bride Freaks Out After People Refuse To Pay For Their Own Dinner

Usually bridezillas reserve their rage for the behind-the-scenes stuff. Picking flowers, a venue, their dress, whatever. But one bride has left a lasting impression on people she doesn't even know, all because she's asked the guests to pay for their own food at the wedding.

Someone posted about their experience with this bride, who has't been named, and asked people for their own thoughts. You really need to read this believe it.

Ok, I contemplated posting on this, but as time passes, I grow more inclined to do so, and I seriously need your thoughts on this...not for a friend, but for me, as I'm completely stupefied by this happening:

We received the most beautiful wedding invitation via mail and have responded well before the deadline with our choice of dinner and space for two. Days later, we receive a sweet voice mail of thanks (for responding) followed by A REQUEST FOR $150.00 TO COVER DINNER AT $75,00pp!!! OK, WHAAAUUUTTT?!?!?!?.......

Has anyone ever heard of this happening???? What is all of creation on planet earth?!?! Btw, this is not a destination wedding and even at those we've attended, we've NEVER had to PAY for a plate!! Help!!

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Most people responded saying that she should bring it up with the bride, as it's pretty ridiculous that the bride would ask for people to pay for their own meal at someone else's wedding. The original poster followed it up with the bride's response. It was pretty crazy.

Okay, at the suggestion of a few very dear people, I had a conversation during my lunch break that went something like this: "Hi love, we received your voice mail and had a bit of a concern about the fee for dinner. May we ask why there is?' Her response (I KID YOU NOT) "Who are you to ask about what I'm doing for my wedding?! I don't understand why all of these folks are declining after my calls to them like we're supposed to pay for everybody to damn eat. It's "my" wedding! You either pay or don't come!"

...............after about 7 seconds of silence on my end and a big......[eyes emojis] to my phone, I politely said: "Darling, it's in poor taste to have sent invites, received rsvps, and follow up voice notes to pay for the meal....Had the invite been printed with caveats beforehand, your invited guests could decide from there on whether or not they are to attend. I don't appreciate the tone you've taken with me when my question has come from a genuine place."

Her response: "Well you've heard what I've said, either pay or don't come." My response "Our acceptance is rescinded and you have a good life." Terminates call....... Inhale.......Exhale....... OK, whaaaauuuutttt in the hell on earth did I experience???? I've not been right for the remainder of this day and I still have 4 hours left of it........

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People were stunned when they heard the bride's reaction, saying it was the craziest thing they've ever heard.

"This has got to be the worst breach of etiquette I've ever heard of!!!!!" someone said. "I hope exactly zero guests attend this wedding. OP, you might need to stake out the venue to find out how many were willing to pay!!!"

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"I've seen one bride going as far as demanding the min. price for their wedding gifts to be 200 euros (~250$)," another shared. "She said this was because she "doesn't want any random garbage and it's not THAT much money you can save up". To no-one's surprise, the guests weren't on board with this and the wedding had to turn into "a small gathering with only people closest to us".

"We had one of these cases where the bride RSVPed with a list of demands (outfit in pastel tones you MUST buy, pay for the hotel and a minimum value monetary wedding gift plus one of the very brand name items from these wedding lists you can make)" someone else commented. "180 guests were supposedly invited, but the majority was confused after the demands came; the bride than said in a fit of anger how they were expecting the guests to pay for her dream wedding + partly first house purchase. She was very upset when declines started pouring in, because she already ordered the food for the initial RSVP!"

I can understand that brides are worried about the cost of their weddings, but if you cannot afford the wedding, then don't have it. It's not mandatory to have a giant wedding, so if you can't cover the costs then why do it? And if you do want to ask people to pay for their own food, that should be on the original invitation, not something you explain after people RSVP. That's just bad taste, in my opinion.

What do you think of this bride's decision to ask people to pay for their own meal?

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