Bridezilla Slams Bridesmaid For Getting Pregnant Before The Wedding

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Bridezilla Slams Bridesmaid For Getting Pregnant Before The Wedding


So many women spend years dreaming about their wedding day, so when that moment is finally around the corner, they do everything in their power to make sure every aspect of it is perfect.

Needless to say, the planning process can easily become very stressful, forcing some women to turn into "bridezillas" when things don't go their way.

In the case of one bride, her insensitive behavior has not only left a bad taste in the mouths of her bridal party, but also the entire internet.

In a Reddit post, a bride asked whether or not she was "selfish" for being angry at one of her bridesmaids who got pregnant before the big day.

"Long story short, I just found out that one of my bridesmaids will be 5-6 months pregnant on my wedding day," the displeased bride wrote. "This bridesmaid was also planning my super secret bachelorette party that I know no details of, but I'm assuming involved drinking that will probably either be changed or canceled."

She admitted that she may just be "thinking the worst here," but she personally thinks "it's wrong to get pregnant when you're part of the bridal party and not tell the bride..."

Her reaction to her bridesmaid's pregnancy news was met with plenty of backlash, with many users calling her "very selfish."

"It's not wrong to get pregnant if you're going to be in a bridal party. You can't ask someone to put their life on hold for your wedding, wrote one Redditor. "You are being selfish. As for your bachelorette party...that just means she won't be able to drink. I'm sure you can still have the party you want."

Another chimed in, "Is it possible that she didn't tell you because she knew your reflex reaction would NOT be "˜Congratulations! Let's get you a bridesmaid's dress that is comfortable!' but instead, "˜This is going to mess up my bachelorette party'?"

Others pointed out that the bachelorette party the bride is concerned about "is just one night," but her "friend's pregnancy is the creation of another human that will last a lifetime."

Another remarked about the importance of being there for a friend even if it slightly inconveniences you.

"I will be a bridesmaid this coming summer and one of my fellow bridesmaids is pregnant and is due just a few weeks after the wedding," they wrote. "The bride is nothing but happy for her. Even making sure she will have a chair for her to sit in during the ceremony just in case she needs a rest. Your friend is there for you and supporting you. You need to be there for her too."

Some were at least comforted by the fact that the bride is actually "entertaining the idea" that her reaction is unreasonable.

"It's good that you are entertaining the idea that this reaction is selfish. It means that there's hope you won't bridezilla all over the place," one outraged user wrote.

The bridezilla was encouraged to talk to her friend instead of slamming her on the public forum, but it's unclear is she took this advice since the viral post has been deleted.

Do you think the bride is being selfish or reasonable?

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