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Britney Spears Revealed Her Christmas Tree And It'll Put Yours To Shame

Britney Spears is clearly getting into the holiday spirit.

Spears celebrated her 36th birthday over the weekend with her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, posting a video of her blowing out the candles.

That's when she shared a raw video of her vocals claiming she was checking off something big on her bucketlist.

"I’ve always wanted to do a performance like this… singing in a pretty little black dress, with a simple 360, one take shot! I figured since it was my birthday, why not go for it?!" she wrote.

The pop star also posted a photo of her Christmas tree on Twitter this weekend and everyone is freaking out!

Her Christmas tree looks like she brought Rockefeller Center into the middle of her living room making her furniture look like it belongs in a doll house.

The massive sapling that lit up her home, made her furniture look downright miniature and Twitter took notice.

"Britney's Christmas tree is brighter than my future," one user posted.

"I don't think I've ever been jealous of Britney til I saw her Christmas tree," another posted.

Some are using her tree as inspiration.

"If Britney’s tree isn’t goals, I don’t know what is," a Twitter user posted.

Others just couldn't help but comment on its massive size.

"Britney's Christmas tree is bigger than my apartment," one person tweeted.

"Somewhere, a shopping mall is missing its Christmas tree..." one tweet read.

Others couldn't help but notice things in the background of the photo.

"Your reindeer noticed a bulb dropped," someone commented.

Britney really knows how to go big or go home!

What do you think of her tree? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Delish / US Magazine