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Brother and Sister Battle For Love In Coca-Cola Ad, But Shocking Twist Leaves Them Stunned

Coca-Cola released a refreshing new ad with a hilarious twist and it's awesome!

Titled "Pool Boy," the minute-long ad depicts sibling rivalry at it's finest as a brother and sister, both of whom seem to have a crush on the sexy pool boy, race to quench his thirst with a Coke. To their utter surprise, someone unexpected beat them to the punch. Guess who? Mom! She even made him a sandwich.

The ad is part of a series of videos for Coca-Cola's "Taste the Feeling" campaign which aims to "translate globally with simple stories, little to no dialogue and universal themes." reports Adweek.

It's evident that the simple story in this ad is to reaffirm that love is love.

“We’re bridging the extremes of the social divide, but in a subtle way,” Rodolfo Echeverria, global vp of creative and connections at Coca-Cola tells Adweek. “We’re not going to make these messages the subject, but rather the subtext.”

Take a minute to watch the fun, progressive ad and see why it's going viral!