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Scientists Brought An Animal Back From Extinction, But Should They Have?

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We all remember the dodo. Well we don't remember it because they are long since extinct. But the dodo has always been the shining example of what happens when we don't take the fragility of life seriously.


Animals are going extinct at an alarming pace, and scientists have been doing everything they can in order to avoid the next mass extinction. That's why when they brought back the bucardo from extinction, they thought they were making great progress.

El Rastreador de Noticias

The bucardo was also known as the Pyrenean ibex, a goat like creature that was once numerous in mountains along the border between France and Spain, but because of its beautiful curling horns, they became a popular target for trophy hunters. At the end of the 20th century, you were far more likely to see a bucardo head mounted to the wall then you were to actually find one alive in the wild.

During the 1980s, authorities tried to institute a massive breeding project in order to save the species, but they were unsuccessful. In 2000, the last remaining burcado was found in the wild, and scientists extracted some DNA to preserve it in case there was a chance to bring the species back.


Scientists managed to breed a new batch of bucardos using standard goat embryos, and in July 2003 the first burcardo was born since the breed went extinct. It was also the first animal to be brought back from extinction. Cue up the Jurassic Park music.


We had hunted the animal to extinction, but had somehow managed to bring it back with the modern marvel of science. Unfortunately, the animal had trouble breathing when it was born, and within 10 minutes, the animal that science had brought back from extinction was already gone again.


What are you thoughts on trying to bring a species of animal back from extinction?