Bullied Teen's Manager Charged After She Drove Him To Suicide

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Bullied Teen's Manager Charged After She Drove Him To Suicide

Kenneth Suttner's family are relieved to hear that they will finally have justice for their bullied son.

Suttner was a 17-year-old high school student from Missouri who worked at a local Dairy Queen restaurant. Both at home and at work, he was bullied for everything from his size and the way he dressed to his speech impediment.

Last month, all of this became too much for Suttner to cope with and he tragically took his own life. Now, his former manager, his school board, and even Dairy Queen have been charged with contributing to his death.

More than 20 of Suttner's friends, coworkers and family members spoke at an inquest into his death. They shared stories about how he was mistreated, especially by Harley Branham, the 21-year-old who managed Suttner at work.

Witnesses say that she would throw food at Suttner when he made it incorrectly, and once made him clean the floor with his hands while lying on his belly.

This week, she was charged with involuntary manslaughter. She could be fined up to $5,500 and spend as much as 7 years in jail.

Dairy Queen was also charged for not providing enough training to their employees to prevent Branham's bullying, and even the school board Suttner attended was blamed for failing to stop other students from bullying him.

All of this was welcome news for Suttner's family, who provided a statement that said "if this can help one child at least Kenneth's death wasn't in vain."

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