Butt Facials Are A Thing, And We Are Uncomfortable

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Butt Facials Are A Thing, And We Are Uncomfortable


We all know and love facials and face masks, but would you ever try a butt-cial or butt mask? That's right, 2018 has brought us butt-cials.

A spa in New York City has introduced a treatment called "The Shiny Hiney." They describe this treatment as a deep cleaning rear-end treatment. This treatment flushes out toxins that cause acne and skin sagging. It helps to improve the skin's immune system so it's clear and healthy.

To get this treatment, it costs around $170 and takes 75 minutes of up close and personal treatment time.

Although this sounds ridiculous and also kind of scary, people are actually saying it works, "On my walk back to the office, my butt actually felt tighter, but after 45 minutes of twerking intervals, I'm not surprised. When I got home that night, I took a look in the mirror and saw a glowier derriere, but as far as I could tell, it didn't look lifted." Womenshealthmag.

Of course, the internet is having the time of their lives with this, and soon after it was introduced, there was a long list of ways products you can use right at home! That's right, from butt facials, comes at-home butt masks.

A number of companies have created products to feed the needs of this fad. Some companies, such as Palmer's, created a butt mask, but keeps it classy by calling it a "Body Firming Sheet Mask." Other companies aren't dancing around the name, Anese came out with the "That booty tho," Walnut shell booty scrub.

These may not be as relaxing as face masks, due to the fact that you can't sit and watch Netflix while you are letting it sit. To not create a mess, you would have to lie on your stomach with no pants or underwear on while it dries. This is do-able but I can't help but imagine what would happen if someone walked in on you while this was going on.

If you really didn't want to go nude while wearing this mask, you could always rock a pair of the buttless jeans!

This new trend seems completely insane but people are apparently loving it.