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10 Stories That Will Make You Rethink That Big Wedding

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A wedding is supposed to be the greatest day in a couple's lives, as they make their beautiful commitment to each other in front of family and friends, and start out on a new life together.

Of course, we all know that reality doesn't work that way, and there are plenty of awkward stories to be had from plenty of weddings. Reddit users shared some of theirs, and we picked some of the very best/worst for this list.

Awkward Speeches


"Divorced father of the groom started up about how much better his new wife was compared to his old wife, during his speech.

Oh and on and the qualities of Asian women vs white women."


"I worked weddings for a living and once saw the best man get loaded, give a speech, and profess his love of the bride and how they had slept together two nights before."


"The groom's family absolutely tore their son/brother apart during the speeches. They didn't say one loving thing, and went on to talk about all the mistakes he made during this life. The worst thing they brought up was how he was responsible for a car accident that put someone in a coma."



"The bride's mother stood up during the ceremony and began screaming that the bride was a lying whore who never loved her mother."


"My mother in law handed out an EP of my now sister-in-law to as many guests as she could & threw a fit in the middle of the dance floor later that night because I didn’t let her daughter sing with the band or karaoke. Her exact words were, 'How dare you make today all about you.'

It was MY wedding day."

Somehow, the stories just get crazier from here...

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