'Cake Boss' And 'Ace Of Cakes' Will Compete For The First Time Ever

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'Cake Boss' And 'Ace Of Cakes' Will Compete For The First Time Ever

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Which cake-based reality show is your favorite reveals a lot about you.

While Cake Boss features both chef Buddy Valastro's delicious creations and his outlandish family, Ace of Cakes is known mostly for cake whiz Duff Goldman and his unconventional baking methods.

But both bakers make cakes that look like works of art, including fully edible monster trucks and enormous slot machines.

Cake Boss Duff Goldman
Which expert baker is your favorite?Food Network

Sadly, because Valastro and Goldman appeared on different networks - Cake Boss runs on TLC while Ace of Cakes is on the Food Network - we never saw them cross paths... until now!

The bakers are joining forces for a new limited series on the Food Network called Buddy vs. Duff. The show is a cooking competition that pits the cake experts against each other, as they make cakes and other baked goods for a panel of judges.

Buddy Valastro Duff Goldman
The chefs will go head to head in six episodes to crown the true Cake King.Food Network

Celebrity guests, including magicians Penn & Teller and Cupcake Wars host Florian Bellanger, have already been teased. And a "family recipes" theme for the first episode has us excited to find out what the chefs will make.

You can tune in to Buddy vs. Duff Sunday, March 10 at 9 p.m. on the Food Network.

Who are you rooting for in this competition?

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