21 Camp Notes From Kids That Will Make Parents Die Laughing


When I was a kid, my dream was to go to sleep-away camp. All I wanted was to have that iconic experience of going away to camp and making friends who I would have forever. My parents never really wanted to send me to a camp where I was gone for a whole week, and I think that was their way of protecting me from the horrors that I would have endured.

I was enrolled in day camp for a couple weeks each summer where I think the plan was for me to socialize with other kids my age, and avoid having me sit around the house all day. Instead what I got was a camp counselor who could never remember my name and always told us we'd get "crotch rot" if we went swimming for too long.

In the end, I'm pretty thrilled with the decision my parents made, because reading some of these letters from kids who did get sent away is enough to make anyone want to stay away.

1. Asking the important questions

camp note about american ninja warrior

2. Back up. Tell us more about that baby deer.

camp letter about a baby deer

3. The kid knows what he wants.

camp note asking for candy

4. Okay, this is just heartbreaking.

camp note about missing home
Parent Dish

5. What kind of camp are you at, Josh??

camp note about eating food

6. 7 times? Yikes.

camp note about puking

7. Hate! Hate.

camp note about hating camp

8. This kid has extreme feelings about camp.

camp letter about being in hell
22 Words

9. Is that clear enough for you?

camp note pick me up

10. This kid is very literal, and I love it.

literal camp letter

11. Do they not have full pieces of paper at this camp?

camp note magic cards

12. At least Jim is concerned about his parent's finances.

camp note about wasting money

13. Ah, yes. "Morris" code.

camp letter about morse code

14. Specificity is key.

camp letter about a plan
camp letter about a plan part 2

15. The P.S. is what sells it.

camp letter with PS

16. ...how often are you saying eggs?

camp letter about a rashImgur

17. Could have fooled me!

camp letter about smiling

18. #StayStrong

camp letter about staying strong

19. I hope this kid is at drama camp.

camp letter about real tears

20. This is a great sign!

camp letter about time

21. There's a lot to dissect here, and it's all amazing.

best camp letter part 1
Scary Mommy
best camp letter part 2
Scary Mommy
best camp letter part 3
Scary Mommy

That last letter comes from Liesl Testwuide's eight-year-old son, who was at summer camp. She says it was the first time he ever spent more than a night away from home, and she was worried about how it would go over. She wrote to him every day, but wouldn't get responses. Then she got that letter and knew that he was doing fine.

liesl's sons
Liesl's sonsScary Mommy

Liesl is no longer worried about her kids going to summer camp.

"This year I'm sending a whole book of stamps to camp with him," she wrote. "Can't wait to see what he writes!"

Did you send your kids away to summer camp?

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