Canada's Worst Neighbor Left A Stinky Surprise On His Property Line

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Canada's Worst Neighbor Left A Stinky Surprise On His Property Line

Some feuds are so epic that they become legends. The Hatfields and the McCoys have inspired books, television shows and films about their decades-long disagreements. The Gallants and the Murrays are destined to go down in history the same way.

Nobody will say how the feud got started, but it definitely passed the point of no return when Murray dumped a giant pile of cow manure right next to the property line.

This was just the start of a very one-sided fight that would stretch on for years, as Murray aimed his snowblower into the Gallants' yard, keyed their car, and set his cattle loose on their propery (causing "hoof damage" to their lawn).

These complaints were all heard in a court case that just ended in the Gallants' favor. During the trial, they complained that Murray's poo pile -which he left there for nearly a year - was "fresh, unseasoned, wet and raw," and that it smelled so bad they couldn't use their garage.

In case you still can't appreciate the scale of this wall, he's a satellite photo of it from Google Maps. Yes, it was so large you could even see it from space.

In the end, Murray was ordered to pay more than $17,000 in penalties and legal fees, which Gallant says won't even cover his legal costs. He's just happy this stinky situation has finally been resolved, as Murray has been ordered not to dump any manure less than 300 meters from the property line.

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