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Canadian Government Looking To Give Heroin To Drug Addicts

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They are much too nice to one another, wear nothing but flannel shirts, and take hockey waaay too seriously. But we didn't think they were actually crazy, until we heard this...

The Canadian government has recently announced that they are looking into prescribing actual heroin to inmates and drug addicts. They will be supporting a study that gives opioids to former prisoners who went through rehab after their release.

So let's get this straight: Take former criminals who are trying to quit drug habits, and give them heroin to see what happens. Not just any old dope either, but pharmaceutical grade heroin. This ain't what they're handing out in the gas station parking lot, man.

So what's the theory behind this insane use of public funds? Apparently, they think it'll help these people (wait for it) use less drugs. And here's why.

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