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A Cancer Fighting Drug's Cost Has Jumped Over 1000% In Just Five Years

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Can you put a price tag on someone's life? Apparently if you're "Big Pharma," you can do whatever the heck you want.

It's not a mystery when someone is fighting a deadly disease, like cancer, aggressive treatment accompanied by a combination of medications are necessary for survival. But what do you do when those drugs that you need in order to have a chance at living are so expensive that you must choose between potentially bankrupting yourself and your loved ones, or potentially dying?

It's not a decision that any person wants to, or should have to, make. But it is a choice that people unfortunately have to make because of the price jump in one particular cancer fighting drug.  

CBS News

The patent for the cancer fighting drug formerly known as Lomustine, was purchased by NextSource Biotechnology from Bristol-Myers Squibb. NextSource not only changed the name of the drug to Gleostine, but they also changed the price point of the drug, making it virtually unafforadable to anyone without a thick wallet.

When the drug was owned and produced by Bristol-Myers Squibb, it cost around $50 a capsule for the average person. Once it changed hands, NextSource decided they needed to increase profits, and over the course of four yeas, they raised the price by nearly 1,400 per cent, to a whopping $768 per capsule.

Financial Times

The question is why?

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