Cancer Patient In Complete Remission After One Treatment Of Gene Therapy

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Cancer Patient In Complete Remission After One Treatment Of Gene Therapy

This new study could revolutionize how we fight cancer!

One very sick lymphoma patient is now showing no sign of the disease just 6 months after a single treatment of an experimental gene therapy study.

For 43-year-old Dimas Padilla of Orlando, this treatment changed his life. He was driving when he got the call that his cancer was worsening, chemotherapy was no longer working, and there was no match to enable a second attempt at a stem cell transplant.

"I actually needed to park ... I was thinking how am I going to tell this to my mother, my wife, my children," he said. After CAR-T therapy last August, he saw his tumors "shrink like ice cubes" and is now in complete remission.

"They were able to save my life," Padilla said.

The treatment involves permanently altering cells that multiply in the body to target cancer cells, giving it the name of the "living drug".

82% of patients in the study had their cancer shrink by at least half at some point in the study.

36% of patients were in complete remission after 6 months, which suggests that this one-time treatment might give lasting benefits for those who do respond well.

With the help of this treatment patients seem to be living longer.

The first lymphoma patient that Dr. Steven Rosenberg of the cancer institute treated with this type of therapy was a Florida man, who is still in remission 7 years later.

The study was conducted on patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, blood cancer and had failed all other treatments.

This treatment is not without risk though. 3 of the 101 patients died during the study, 2 of which were due to the treatment.

Full results of the study will be released at the American Association for Cancer Research in April.