Can't Sleep? It Might Be Your Age - Here's How To Fix It

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They say that youth is wasted on the young, and that's probably true, but I don't want my youth back, I want my ability to sleep through a night back. Sure, when I was young I used to complain all the time about being tired, but that was before I knew what tired really was.    

If you find yourself in agreement then you're probably an older person who spends too much time tossing and turning too. Don't be worried, we're far from the only people to spend restless nights. In fact, almost every person will get as much as 1.5 fewer hours of sleep by the time they reach 50.  

That bites doesn't it?  

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It's also a myth that we need less sleep as we age, we still need the same 8 hours that we always have, we just happen to get less of it.

Right around the age you find yourself with enough time to sleep you'll lose the ability to. Hilarious. It's not just a big cosmic joke though, there's actually a scientific reason you're sleeping less - and also scientific ways to help you sleep better.

The Reasons Why

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Aches and Pains

There are actually a few reasons why you get less sleep as you age. First and foremost is something you probably already know. Those aches and pains you feel during the day? Yeah those continue into the night and make it a lot harder to fall asleep.


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If you've ever taken medication in your life you know that insomnia or drowsiness are two of the most common side-effects, but they are far from the only ones that affect your sleep. In fact, many medications can stop your brain from reaching REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement). That's the part of the sleep cycle where our brain gets its best rest.

There's more reasons why you're not sleeping on the next page, and they aren't what you think.

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