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Carrie Fisher Honored With Posthumous Award At The Grammys

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Rolling Stone

The Grammy award show was littered with shocks and surprise wins this year, and people were just as focused on who wasn't attending as who did show up.

Amidst the white roses that celebrities were wearing to show support for the #MeToo and Time's Up movements, there were other nods to recognizing the difficulties that women have been facing in Hollywood for decades.

Of particular note was the award granted to late actress and writer, Carrie Fisher. Fisher came to be known for her famous role in the Star Wars series, but she had her hand in many other productions throughout her career.

Unfortunately, likely due to discrimination as a woman in the industry, her work with doctoring scripts was constantly overlooked and unaccredited.

Now, a year after her death, it seems that she is finally getting the recognition that she deserves.

While it may be a little unorthodox, that's exactly how Fisher would have wanted it to be!

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