Carrot Cake Oreos Are Here To Stay

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Oreo Releases Its Newest Flavor, And It's Here To Stay

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Oreo cookies are a staple in most households, and are a fan-favorite across the world. Whenever you hear of something or see something that's listed as "cookies and cream," you know darn well they're trying to recreate the Oreo.

But then Nabisco, the parent company or Oreo, decided it was time to change up a classic, and they began introducing some new flavors to the game. At first, they were pretty basic. We got a mint flavor, a peanut butter flavor, and a vanilla flavor. After a while, things got a little more creative.

Like the blueberry pie Oreos.

The Peeps Oreos.

The cotton candy Oreos.

And of course the firework Oreos.

These flavors were all limited edition options, and they were met with fairly mixed reviews. The newest Oreo flavor, though, is here to stay...and from the sounds of it, that's for the best.

Carrot Cake Oreos have hit the shelves at Target and Walmart, and they sound delicious. The cookie is the part flavored like carrot cake, and the creme inside is cream cheese flavored...YUM!

One Instagram user, Bob Kupniewski, has already manager to get ahold of the new treat, and he says they're worth all the hype.

The description of the sandwich cookie is a carrot cake flavored cookie with cream cheese frosting flavor cream. The carrot cake cookie provides a lingering ginger and nutmeg spice with a present carrot flavor.

While the carrot flavor is not very strong the sweetness from the shell enhances all the attributes associated with carrot cake. The cream cheese filling is the strong point of the sandwich cookie.

The sugary buttercream frosting provides the perfect tang to replicate cream cheese. If you had the Red Velvet Oreo's before this tasted identical to the ch [sic].

Overall this was a very well done Oreo, and a great way to start off 2019 with the surge of new flavors yet to come.

Another user said the taste is genuine.

"These are absolutely spot on! Especially when it's softened in milk, that's when it really tastes and feels like a moist carrot cake!"

The newest Oreo flavor will join a supposedly long list of Oreos being released this year. Staffers have already taste-tested the new Dark Chocolate Oreos, and apparently they're phenomenal.

There will also be a "Most Stuf" Oreo, which appears to feature more than three times the normal amount of Oreo creme sandwiched between the two wafer cookies.

Personally, I've never met an Oreo I haven't liked, and my waistline will confirm that, but these carrot cake Oreos sound like they're about to be my new favorite!

What do you think of this new flavor?

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