Casey Anthony Is Open To Having More Kids, According To New Interview

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Casey Anthony Says She Is Open To Having More Kids And People Aren't Happy About It

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No matter how much time has passed, Casey Anthony's name will always be associated with the horrible crime she was accused of over a decade ago.

Two-year-old Caylee, who wasn't reported missing until a month after she disappeared, was found dead in the woods near her home in Florida on December 11, 2008.

Anthony, the toddler's mother, was arrested and put on a highly-publicized trial for first-degree murder, aggravated manslaughter and aggravated child abuse.

While the cause of death was never determined, it is believed that the killer used an excessive amount of chloroform.

Casey Anthony and her daughter Caylee
Casey Anthony and her daughter CayleeCNN

A shocking acquittal

Anthony, who served three years in prison while awaiting trial, was eventually found not guilty by the jury in 2011.

The only charge that remained was for lying to the police hence delaying the investigation.

The entire nation was shaken by the unexpected verdict, and to this day, many believe Anthony should've been locked up.

Her own father, Geroge, thinks she should be held responsible because her negligence led to his granddaughter's death.

"She should be in jail because of Caylee not being here," he said.

Life after the trial

Anthony, once described as "one of the most hated women in America," is now still living in Florida with the lead investigator of her defense team, Pat McKenna. She reportedly works as his assistant and internet researcher.

"Based off of what was in the media, I understand the reasons people feel about me," Anthony said in 2017 in her first interview since her acquittal. "I understand why people have the opinions that they do."

However, she made it known that she does not "give a s**t what anyone thinks of me."

Anthony still firmly denies playing a part in her daughter's death, and harbors no guilt. At the time, she told the Associated Press that she still sleeps "pretty good at night."

She then admitted that she wouldn't want any more children because if anything happened to them she doesn't think she "could live with that."

"If I am blessed enough to have another child "” if I'd be dumb enough to bring another kid into this world knowing that there'd be a potential that some jackass, their little snot-nose kid would then say something mean to my kid "” I don't think I could live with that."

Now, it seems like she has changed her mind, and is no longer opposed to being a mother again.

"...she's now open to it in a way she hasn't been before."

According to People, a source close to Anthony has exclusively revealed that her stance on having children has changed since her last interview.

"For a long time she was like "˜no way,'" the source said. "But time has changed that and she's now open to it in a way she hasn't been before."

Despite knowing that this decision would stir up a lot of controversy, the source said that Anthony doesn't let any of that faze her.

"She's very good at living her life and to hell with what other people think," says the source. "If she wants to have another kid, she'll have another kid. She doesn't care what you or I or anyone else thinks."

This isn't the first-time that Anthony has made baby-related headlines in recent times. Shortly after her interview with AP, she was photographed cradling a child while dining at a restaurant in Clearwater.

The six-month-old baby is reportedly the grandson of a longtime NBC producer who has been working on a sit-down interview with Anthony.

Although Anthony isn't a candidate in most people's good books, these days there are a few people Anthony can call friends.

People reports that she keeps the circle small and tried to lead as normal of a life as possible. She is occasionally spotted out jogging or at restaurants and clubs around Palm Beach.

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