Cat-Crazy Couple Say "I Do" At A Wedding With 1,000 Feline Guests

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Cat-Crazy Couple Say "I Do" At A Wedding With 1,000 Feline Guests

When Louise Veronneau visited the Cat House on the Kings, she knew she had found someplace special.

The cat house, located just outside of Fresno, California, is the world's biggest cage-free, no-kill cat shelter. More than 1,000 rescued and abandoned cats call it home. Louise says she fell "in love with the work [owner Lynea Lattanzio] and her team is doing for the cats."

After returning to her home in Montreal, Louise met and quickly fell in love with Dominic Husson. After dating for three years the couple got engaged, and Louise knew right away where she wanted to hold the ceremony.

Luckily, Dominic is also a cat-lover, so he had no problem with taking a trip down to California to tie the knot at Louise's dream location.

The shelter's owner Lenya Lattanzio even got herself ordained so she could officiate the ceremony.

The cats at the shelter weren't just guests either. They were involved with every step of the ceremony, including posing in the couple's wedding photos.

Louise and Dominic even requested that their friends and families donate to the shelter instead of sending gifts.

This was the first wedding cermony to be held at the shelter, but Louise hopes more people follow her example, so they can help "bring the sanctuary some recognition for the work they do."

With all the extra work brides put in to make their weddings totally unique, we have to say this was a pretty great idea. After all, how many couples can say they had 1,000 guest at their ceremony? And cat food is a lot cheaper than a steak dinner!

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