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Cat Stuck Cowering On The Highway, But Everyone Kept Driving By [VIDEO]

Imagine being stranded on a busy highway, hurt and alone, while people whiz by you in huge cars. What would you do? Probably sit and cry and hide, right? Good thing for us, it's just hypothetical.

For this tiny cat, it was a reality.

Cars kept zooming by the scared animal who couldn't move at all.

He was all but abandoned, that is until one kind human realized he needed to do something.

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"I was driving in JB with my Son towards Danga Bay (recreational park in Malaysia) when I spotted this kitty stranded along the center divider of the highway couldn't stop immediately so I had to make a round trip again to rescue this poor baby," said Masz Masuri.

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Lucky for the cat, Masuri happened to be an avid cat lover and knew exactly how to help. Once inside the car, the cat hid under the seat in fear and pain. Masuri took him to the vet to get the medical attention he really needed.

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The cat, now named Danga Bay, was determined to be about a year old. He was diagnosed with a fracture in his right leg as well as a few cuts on his paws and chest. He is now on the mend and will head to a kitty foster home when he's ready.

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Danga Bay is loving his safety now, and according to the vet workers he's been purring up a storm!

So thankful that Masuri made the effort to rescue Danga Bay!!

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