CBD Edibles | 6 Factors to Know Before Use

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CBD Edibles | 6 Factors to Know Before Use

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The word “edible” describes anything you can eat. CBD edibles are different from other cannabis-infused treats because they either contain no THC or minimal THC. This makes them more approachable for those who don’t want to experience any intoxicating effects but still want to feel the benefits. Edibles that are high in CBD are widely considered to have various therapeutic properties.

1. CBD products should be third-party lab tested

As CBD products are not federally regulated, reputable companies need unbiased, third-party laboratory tests to prove their products contain what’s stated on a label. They must contain 0.3% or less THC to be legal. They should also contain the exact amount of CBD claimed on the label.

As the hemp plant is very absorbent, it is also important that CBD derived from hemp is tested for microbes, heavy metals and pesticides.

Companies with a Certificate of Analysis for a CBD product may have a QR code on the label that allows you to access it. If a company isn’t willing to test products or isn’t transparent about the ingredients products contain, you should think twice about buying from them.

JustCBD review by Leaf Report shows that JustCBD products are made from organically grown hemp from farms in Oregon, U.S. The company uses third-party lab testing of its products for potency and contaminants.

2. The CBD extraction method matters

The extraction method can affect the quality, taste and effect of the final product. Chemical solvents may be found in CBD oils extracted using methods that include butane, alcohol, or formaldehyde. They can cause dangerous side effects and be carcinogenic.

Reputable companies usually use CO2 extraction to pull cannabinoids and other compounds from hemp plants. The equipment used in this process is expensive, but no solvents are used, and it is very precise.

3. Isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum edibles are available

A CBD isolate contains only CBD and none of the other cannabinoids or compounds from the plant. A broad-spectrum CBD contains CBD and all the other compounds but doesn’t contain THC. Full-spectrum CBD includes multiple cannabinoids and compounds from the plant, including up to 0.3% THC. You can find CBD gummies that are made with full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD or from an isolate.

A CBD isolate may be more suitable for a first-time CBD user who wants to experiment without interference from other cannabis compounds. An isolate is more refined, so it has less taste or odor. As it contains no THC, it won’t show up on drug tests.

There is some evidence that full-spectrum CBD works better and the health benefits may be more pronounced due to the presence of multiple compounds. This “entourage” effect means that compounds work better together than in isolation.

4. CBD edibles take longer to kick in, but the effects last longer

Every method of CBD consumption works differently. CBD edibles are different from products you inhale or topical products you use directly on your skin. It may take longer for you to notice the effects because they go through your digestive system and take longer to get into your bloodstream.

The benefit of using CBD edibles is that the effects last for longer. It can take from half an hour to two hours for a CBD edible to take effect, but the effects will often last from about four to six hours.

5. CBD edibles are used for many purposes

CBD edibles are popular for many reasons. Generally, healthy people may use them to help reduce stress and anxiety. They may offer a sedative effect for those who battle to fall asleep. CBD, to reduce pain and inflammation, is another common use. Anecdotal evidence about the therapeutic effects of using CBD is strong.

CBD appears to interact with the endocannabinoid system like other cannabinoids but in a different way. Scientists are studying whether it offers relief from pain, sleeplessness, anxiety etc., and some results are positive but more studies are needed to find out exactly how it works.

6. You must be aware of dosage and start low

If you use CBD gummies that contain 25mg of CBD, you know exactly how much you are getting with each dose. If you’re making some CBD brownies at home, you will have to calculate how much CBD each one contains. For example, if you add 500mg of CBD oil to 20 brownies, each brownie probably contains about 25 mg.

When using CBD, the advice is always to start off with a low dose. If you eat a gummy, wait long enough for it to take effect before eating more. You can gradually increase your dosage if you find it necessary.

Boosting the effect of CBD edibles is possible by taking them with a meal, especially a meal that contains fat as this helps to promote absorption.

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