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CBS Just Made The Announcement Big Brother Fans Have Been Praying For

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If you're unfamiliar with the show Big Brother, it's pretty simple. A group of strangers are placed in a house for the summer with 24/7 video surveillance. Every week, there is a Head of Household who can nominate two other house guests for eviction. At the end of each week, the other house guests vote on who they'd like to leave. It causes drama, competition, and complete paranoia as the season progresses, which is why it's so fun to watch!

Anyone watching this season of Big Brother knows it's not been the most exciting of all time. With last year's runner up, Paul, returning to the cast, he's been the puppet master of all the other house guests and is practically guaranteed the $500,000 prize.

House guest Josh, left, along with returning contestant Paul.CBS

Fans are starting to get upset with how boring this season is, especially with the controversies. Claims of sexual assault, one army veteran leaving because her PTSD was triggered by bullying, and extreme accusations involving other contestants' children, have all lead viewers to stop watching this season of the show.

It's been 19 seasons, so it's easy to understand how people can get tired. That being said, CBS doesn't have a summer show with higher ratings than Big Brother. According to Les Moonves, CEO of CBS (and husband of Big Brother host Julie Chen), it's the reason the network is alive.

Julie Chen told The Hollywood Reporter her husband said, "You and your show are single-handedly keeping this network afloat during the summer. Youโ€™re keeping this network running.'"

With 7.35 million viewers per week, CBS needs to do everything they can to keep their Big Brother audience happy.

That's why this news is so exciting to fans!

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