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7 Incredible Celebrity Closets That Will Make You Way More Jealous Than You'd Like To Admit

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When you're looking for a new home, one of the questions you ask yourself is 'how much closet space does it have?' Well, for these celebrities, they needed that answer to be A LOT.

These stars have closets that are bigger than anyone would think is necessary. While the average person is satisfied with a decent cupboard to hang up their clothes, these stars have gigantic rooms dedicated to their clothes that are more elaborate than you could even imagine. I suppose if you have that many expensive articles of clothing, you would want to have it well organized, but some of these are nicer than some stores.

Let's take a look at some of your favorite star's impressive closets and see just how fancy they really are.

1. Catherine Zeta Jones

A zip through my closet! #StyleByZeta

A post shared by Catherine Zeta-Jones (@catherinezetajones) on

Catherine Zeta Jones showed off her amazing closet that has rows and rows of shelves housing her impressive shoe collection, all her bags, and silk scarves. She has a bunch of clothes that she zooms by in the quick video, but it's just enough to make us all feel a little bit jealous.

2. Jennifer Lopez

Her closet is also her "glam room," so she has a lot of space to keep all of her stuff. It's so big that her closet has closets. There are separate rooms for her jeans, her shoes, and of course the gowns she wears to events. And yes, that green dress is on display.

3. Mariah Carrey

How many pairs of shoes do you own? It probably doesn't matter because Mariah has got you beat! The iconic singer has a beautiful closet complete with a wall of shoes that will make anyone envious.

Those aren't the only closets that will make you green with envy...

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