25 Stars Who Are Still Attractive After 60

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25 Stars Who Only Got Better Looking After Turning 60

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There's no denying that the entertainment industry is a young person's game.

The industry has a bad habit of throwing out anyone with a gray hair, regardless of their talent.

But these celebrities in their 60s and beyond are not ready for retirement, and prove that age is just a number.

Kevin Costner - 63

Kevin Costner
Costner with his wife, Christine Baumgartner.Georges Biard - Wikimedia

The Oscar-winning director and actor is not slowing down in his 60s, as his new TV show Yellowstone just debuted.

Andie MacDowell - 60

MacDowell recently hit the runway again at age 60, but it's not like she's been out of the spotlight.

The model and actress has been the face of L'Oreal for more than half her life, and has spoken out about aging gracefully.

"We've always told men that they age better which is not true," she told Harper's Bazaar. "We need to stand up for ourselves and enjoy life."

Kevin Bacon - 60

Can you believe the Mystic River star has been married to Kyra Sedgwick since 1988? Sorry, ladies.

Cher - 72

This year the singer released a hit record and starred in a blockbuster movie. Wait, what year is it?

Liam Neeson - 66

Not many actors become action stars in their late 50s, but Neeson's timeless looks have helped him pull it off.

Sharon Stone - 60

The former fashion model and Basic Instinct star is still looking great - and playing the field - in her 60s.

Jeff Bridges - 68

People rewarded Bridges for his good looks in 1989, but even though he takes on many unglamorous roles these days, we say he's still got it.

Suzanne Somers - 71

Suzanne Somers
Somers on the catwalk in 2011.Gohe007 - Wikimedia

Yes, that's Somers modeling when she was 64, looking like she could walk back onto the set of Three's Company at any moment.

Bruce Willis - 63

Willis has been teased a lot for going bald, but now in his twilight years you can't deny it's a good look for the Die Hard star.

Jamie Lee Curtis - 60

Okay, so Curtis is technically still on the cusp of her 60s (her birthday is next month). But we couldn't resist including her because she has spoken out about aging gracefully multiple times.

Pierce Brosnan - 65

These photos were taken 15 years apart, but aside from a touch of grey, can you spot any differences?

Sally Field - 71

Yes, Field is now in her 70s but she's still at the top of her game, and just appeared in the Netflix series Maniac.

Mark Harmon - 67

It's been 15 years since NCIS debuted, but Harmon's career - and popularity with fans - shows no sign of slowing down.

Angela Bassett - 60

Not many stars celebrate their 60th birthday by sharing a bikini shot on social media, but the 911 star's age-defying looks are one-of-a-kind.

Harrison Ford - 76

Did you know Ford married Calista Flockhart in 2010, when he was 66? It just proves you can find the one at any age.

Meryl Streep - 69

When you go to as many awards ceremonies as Streep does, you need to look your best. Lucky for her, she has graceful and effortless style.

Drew Carey - 60

Let's be honest, the Price is Right host was a bit of a slob before getting his most recent gig. But now, he's slimmed down and dressing sharp every day, which probably helped to snag his fiance.

Christine Baranski - 66

After she found fame on Cybill in the '90s, The Good Wife made Baranski a household name again, proving that talent never goes out of style.

Richard Gere - 69

Here's another actor who found love later in life: after a secret marriage, Gere is expecting a child with his new wife, Alejandra Silva.

Ellen DeGeneres - 60

Last year, during her hit talk show's 15th season, DeGeneres celebrated her 60th birthday - stunning just about everyone because she looks so much younger.

Sam Elliott - 74

Elliott proves there's an upside to going grey early: decades later, he still looks young enough to play Bradley Cooper's (much) older brother in A Star is Born.

Holly Hunter - 60

Voice actors don't need to fit into their old costumes, but in the 14 years between the first and second Incredibles movies, Hunter hasn't changed one bit.

Ted Danson - 70

Ted Danson
Danson and his wife, Mary Steenburgen.girardatlarge - Wikimedia

You can tell from the look in her eyes that Danson's wife of 23 years, Mary Steenburgen, is still madly in love with the Good Place star.

Jane Fonda - 80

Decades after her career in Hollywood began, Fonda is still entertaining us on her Netflix comedy show Grace and Frankie.

Helen Mirren - 73

It's really hard to crack Hollywood's best-dressed list, so the fact that Mirren is still a style icon in her 70s tells you something about her.

Did you favorite star make the list?

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