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Cast Of "Celebrity Big Brother" Revealed And It's Going To Be Good


One of the biggest scams in television is when you hear about a "celebrity" cast and the people they pick are practically nobodies. It's always some famous person's cousin, their makeup artist, their personal driver, what have you. They always try to trick you into watching, and then you have a hard time keeping track of just who these "famous" people are.  

But that's going to be a little bit different for Celebrity Big Brother this year, as they've just announced their "celebrity" cast, and you might be shocked to find out you actually know who some of the people are!

1. Jonathan Bennett

Fans of Mean Girls will know Bennett well. The actor and producer played the iconic Aaron Samuels in Tina Fey's cult classic film, and now he hosts the Food Network's hit show, Cake Wars. Bennett is almost guaranteed to be a fan favorite, but whether or not the other houseguests like him remains to be seen.

2. Tamar Braxton

Braxton is a singer, actress, and TV personality, and was one of the founding members of the music group The Braxtons. The Grammy and Emmy-nominated star also hosted The Real on Fox News from 2013 to 2016. Braxton's social game will most likely be strong, making her a threat when it comes to forming alliances and flying under the radar.

3. Lolo Jones

Jones represented the United States at the 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi, where she placed 11th in the bobsledding competition. Jones is also a hurdler, and has won four gold medals in the sport while representing the United States. She's going to be one to watch in the physical competitions, that's for sure.  

4. Kato Kaelin

You may be thinking "I know that name...why do I know that name?" If you followed the O.J. Simpson trial at all, that's probably why. Kaelin became famous as a witness in the Simpson trial, and his story contradicted that of Simpson himself. At one point during the trial, a survey was conducted that showed 74% of people of Americans could identify Kaelin, compared to 25% who could identify Vice President Al Gore.

5. Anthony Scaramucci

"The Mooch" will be this year's "inside look" at the White House, with last year's being Omarosa Manigault. The former White House director of communications will no doubt try to sweet-talk his way into a few alliances, although he's probably hoping his stay in the Big Brother house lasts longer than his stay at the White House.

6. Dina Lohan

Dina Lohan, the "momager" of Lindsay Lohan is my vote as "most likely to blow up at the houseguests on day three." The notable loose cannon might be able to get Bennett on her side, as he and Lindsay were co-stars in Mean Girls and still remain close to this day. Lohan's social game will probably need some work, but if she plays her cards right, she might be able to go far.

7. Natalie Eva Marie

Her stage name is Eva Marie, and it's likely that this former WWE wrestler could make it far in the competition if she brings the same passion to the house as she did to the ring. Marie is also a fitness model and a fashion designer. Along with Jones, Marie could form a powerful alliance that uses their strength to their advantage.

8. Ricky Williams

Williams is a former first-round pick in the NFL, and played 12 seasons in the league. Now 41 years old, the former running back is a host with ESPN. Williams is undoubtedly looking to add a win to his roster with Celebrity Big Brother. He may not have won a Super Bowl in his career, but this could be a pretty close second.

9. Kandi Burruss

Even if you don't know Kandi Burruss by name (I know I didn't), you probably know the song that won this R&B singer and writer a Grammy. Burruss won the award for Best R&B Song for her work on TLC's big hit, "No Scrubs." She also wrote Destiny's Child's hit song "Bills, Bills, Bills." Now, Burruss stars on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

10. Ryan Lochte

Okay, you definitely know him. Lochte is an Olympic gold medalist, and is also known for his embarrassing actions in Rio, where he lied about being robbed at gunpoint while out with some teammates. Last July, Lochte was giving a 14-month suspension by the United States Ant-Doping Agency for receiving a "prohibited intravenous infusion." I would say he's got to kill time somehow, but Lochte and his wife are expecting their second child in the spring of 2019, so it's not like he doesn't have things to do!

11. Tom Green

If you were a fan of comedy in the '90s, then Tom Green is someone you know well. The stand-up comedian hosted The Tom Green Show, which ran four four years before getting cancelled. Since then, Green has still been doing comedy, though it's fair to say that after his divorce from Drew Barrymore, his star has been slowly fading. Green's diary room video segments are almost guaranteed to be the best ones, if he can keep his old sense of humor.

12. Joey Lawrence

YES! Joey Lawrence, known for his work on Blossom, Brotherly Love, and Melissa & Joey is going to be a hoot on this season of Celebrity Big Brother. I've always had a soft spot for the Lawrence brothers, with Joey being my favorite. The actor should be able to use his smooth-talking charm to get people on his side, and if he can keep up in the physical competitions, there's no reason he can't be a legitimate contender.

CBS also previously announced that Julie Chen-Moonves will be returning as the host, despite her husband, and former CBS executive Les Moonves being fired from the network for sexual misconduct. This is a big relief for fans of Big Brother, as Chen is a staple on the long-running reality show.

"[Julie] has always been very hands-on as the host," a source close to the show previously said. "She knows everyone's name on the crew, and she is very involved. She's been doing this show for 18 years; she's the face of Big Brother. A lot of the crew members are millennials who grew up watching her, and she has been so great to them. She's very approachable, and she really cares about making the show as good as possible."

Will you be watching the new season of "Celebrity Big Brother?"

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