11 Celebrity Endorsements That Were Definitely Only About The Money

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Are you more likely to purchase something if it's been endorsed by a celebrity? I know I am. Sure, it may not make much sense, but something about knowing a famous person uses the same shampoo as I do is pretty cool.

Some endorsements make a lot of sense, like Sofia Vergara for Head and Shoulders (her hair is flawless.) But there are some celebrity endorsements that are so wild you won't believe them.

1. Mohamed Ali for Cockroach Traps

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee... die like a cockroach? In the 1970s, Ali was recruited to help sell d-Con roach traps, which were poison-free.

2. Taco Charlton for Taco Bueno

When somebody asks what my name is? #TacoBueno 🌮

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"I’ve been trying them my whole life,” Charlton said, via Rapoport. “Taco Bueno tops everyone.” I wonder what would have happened if his name was "Tide Detergent Charlton."

"Taco is serious about football, and we are serious about Tex-Mex, and that is a winning combination," the Taco Bueno CEO said. "We couldn't be more excited to bring some fun to all our fans this upcoming football season."

Taco-bout a match made in heaven!

3. Justin Bieber For OPI Nail Polish

Bieber was paid $12 million to design this nail polish collection. My guess is he's never even used it.

4. Bob Dylan for Victoria's Secret

Nothing screams lingerie like Bob Dylan. He made a cameo in a 2004 ad campaign with supermodel Adriana Lima.

5. David Carradine for Phonebooks

Remember phonebooks? Remember David Carradine? In 2006, he was the face of Yellowbook, the independent publisher of phonebooks. Far cry from Kill Bill, I'll tell you that much.

6. Mikhail Gorbachev for Pizza Hut

The former Soviet Union leader must have really loved pizza, because he appeared in a 60-second commercial for Pizza Hut with his granddaughter. He was endorsing "Edge" pizzas, which had no crust. All the funds went to his non-profit, so he didn't really make money off this.

7. Joe Namath for Women's Pantyhose

When you think "women's pantyhose", you automatically think " NFL Hall-of-Famer, right? In the 70s, Namath was the spokesperson for the undergarments, showcasing how flexible they are. Not gonna lie, it's a decent strategy.

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