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40 Times Celebrities Were Hilariously Real About Parenting

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Pink - Instagram / Fatherly

Celebrities - they're just like us!

Well, they make millions of dollars and they live in giant homes, but they're like us in all the ways that really matter.

No matter how rich and famous you are, when your kid's diaper is full someone has to clean it.

Sometimes celebrities even get really real about parenting, and if you have kids of your own you can't help but laugh.

1. Someday they'll learn

Alyson Hannigan twitter
alysondenisof - Twitter

2. Good advice

Alyssa Milano twitter
Alyssa_Milano - Twitter

3. Accidents happen (a lot)

Anna Faris twitter
AnnaKFaris - Twitter

4. Personal space? What's that?

Busy Philipps twitter
BusyPhilipps - Twitter

5. It's called the Mom Diet

Carrie Underwood - Twitter
carrieunderwood - Twitter

6. Explain THIS Dr. Spock

Chrissy Teigen twitter
chrissyteigen - Twitter

7. Sometimes kids will entertain themselves

Christina Applegate twitter
1capplegate - Twitter

8. "Surprise!"

Conan O'Brien - Twitter
ConanOBrien - Twitter

9. Thank you for your service

Dax Shepard twitter
daxshepard1 - Twitter

10. We've all made this mistake... once

Hilary Duff twitter
HilaryDuff - Twitter

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