10 Perks Celebrities Get For Free That Will Make You Even More Jealous Of Their Lives


You'd think that people with a lot of money are going to be the ones who spend the most, but as it turns out, celebrities all over the place are getting handed free products left and right.

Sure, they make millions for all of their movie roles, but why not give them thousands of dollars worth of free products and services?

The thing is, while we know that they do a lot of endorsements, a lot of the perks they are lucky enough to get access to aren't as obvious as you might think.

1. Airports

Movie stars are always jet-setting across the country, so to handle that, the Los Angeles airport has developed an entire protocol for dealing with their A-list clients.

A celebrity just has to pay a fee and they will get greeted at the car where an employee will bring them to a special check-in and security line that is guaranteed to be paparazzi-free.

They also get a ride to the plane so they can board first, and are escorted through customs and baggage claim.

2. DMV

While the Department of Motor Vehicles has kept quiet on what they do for their celebrity visitors, they have admitted that on "very few occasions some DMV officies have made special arrangements for certain high profile individuals."

I'm guessing you would have to be pretty much a top tier celebrity though, because even Captain America/Christopher Robin actress Hayley Atwell had to go to the DMV on her lunch break from the set of Agent Carter, meaning that her license photo was in full costume as Peggy Carter.

3. Exercise classes

You know how all celebrities seem to always be in such good shape? Well, it's because there are A-list classes that are reserved for them. They can pay to get access to popular trainer's schedules before the general public, booking their spot early.

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They also can get VIP treatment when it comes to arriving and leaving. For Soul Cycle, the popular spin class, celebs are brought in just after the class starts when the lights are out, and led away right before the lights come back on. That way most people won't see them.

4. Court visits

We all know that celebrity divorce and legal battles are kind of thrilling for us normal people, but how are they getting in and out of the courts?

While there are some photos of celebs arriving on the front steps, you don't always see them because there are often underground parking lots that require special access. Then they can be brought to conference rooms where they won't have to wait with the general public.

5. Free food

Celebrities always seem to be on some kind of diet, but when they do eat, they seem to get a lot for free.

All those events they attend come with "Swag Bags" and they are always filled with the latest and greatest treats.

Not only that, but the events are often catered by talented chefs who keep them fed with some of the best food in the country.

6. Cars

Car companies want celebrities to be the faces of their companies, so they will often give them long-term leases for free. Most often it's for brand ambassadors who have arranged for it to be part of the deal, but still. It's still a huge expense saved every month that the rest of us are stuck paying.

7. Beauty Treatments

Whether it's from endorsements or from their swag bags, celebs have been known to get thousands of dollars worth of free treatments. Everything from laser treatments to expensive creams are given out for free, just for the chance that a celebrity will mention that they used their service or product.

8. Clothing and handbags

When you see stars wearing fancy outfits while out in public or on the red carpet, chances are they didn't pay for it.

Brands give out thousands of dollars worth of clothes to celebrities, hoping that they will wear them when they are photographed.

To guarantee that the outfit will be seen, some companies pay a lot of money to contract their outfit to the star. For example, Lea Michelle was paid $20,000 to wear a Lacoste outfit to a music festival in 2014.

The Kardashian family is known for receiving a lot of gifts, for example Khloe once revealed she received multiple Louis Vuitton handbags valued at over $5,000 each all for free.

9. Vacations

Well, it makes sense that they'd be tired from carrying around all the free stuff (do I sound bitter), but celebs will be gifted free vacations when they are nominated for awards.

All Oscar nominees received free luxury vacations last year to Lake Como in Italy, as well as a weeklong stay in a California spa.

10. Paid to avoid clothes

While some stars are getting paid to wear clothes, others are encouraged to wear other brands. Mike "The Situation" from the Jersey Shore was paid out by Abercrombie and Fitch to stop wearing their clothes. And apparently Snooki, also from Jersey Shore, was sent a Gucci bag by Coach so she would stop carrying around their product.

Which of these do you wish you could get for free?

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