Ancient Celtic Astrology Was Based In Nature, Here's Your New Sign

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Ancient Celtic Astrology Was Based In Nature, Here's What Your New Sign Says About You

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In ancient Celtic cultures, some of the high-ranking members of society were known as druids. They were often considered religious leaders, but they also made a lot of the legal decisions. They were advisers to political leaders and also were considered "lore keepers."

The druids were considered to be observant and spiritual, and their knowledge of the earth and the stars were considered to be beyond any other.

These druids were able to see patterns in the way that people's personalities formed, and after studying it, they came up with their own set of astrological symbols that are representative of different periods in the year.

The calendar year is separated into 13 different portions, each represented by a different tree. Trees were considered sacred to the leaders, as they symbolized life, death, and the constant renewal of the world.

Like your zodiac sign, your Celtic symbol can reveal what kind of personality you have. Here's what the druids said about you.

Birch - The Achiever

December 24th - January 20th

People who are born in the time period of the birch tree are ambitious and constantly trying to rise to the next level of their lives, they are also known as the 'Achievers.'

The druids claimed that this is because of the darkness typically associated with the winter months, which forces them to always have to reach out towards the light.

Resilient and tough are two of the most common characteristics of those born in the birch period, and they are also excellent leaders.

Rowan - The Thinker

January 21st - February 17th

Rowan born individuals are known as 'Thinkers' as they are usually seen as visionaries with original thoughts and a quick mind.

They can be seen as aloof with others, because they are busy dealing with their inner passions, but their unique thoughts make them very influential to the people around them.

Ash - The Enchanter

February 18th - March 17th

Those born under the ash sign are known as 'Enchanters' because they are artistic and imaginative.

Their ability to create is tied closely with their emotions, which tend to bubble up close to the surface, meaning that they can get a little moody at times.

Charismatic and constantly reinventing themselves, the enchanters are always on the lookout for their next muse.

Alder - The Trailblazer

March 18th - April 14th

The 'Trailblazers' are associated with the Alder tree, and they tend to be the type of people who are constantly on the move.

They are always going from group to group, able to adapt and fit into any situation. They are able to confidently address others and make friends wherever they go.

Because they are always so set on moving forward, they don't have any patience for wasting time. They aren't the type to procrastinate and can stay motivated through an entire project.

Willow - The Observer

April 15th - May 12th

The people born under the sign of the willow are known as 'Observers' because of their innate ability to intuit people's emotions and even connect with the psychic world.

Their ability to remain patient and wait for the opportune moment is beneficial to them most of the time, but it can sometimes cause them to hold back when they should make a move.

Hawthorn - The Illusionist

May 13th - June 9th

Those born under the hawthorn sign are know as 'Illusionists' because of their ability to disguise their true selves.

They come across as people who are reserved and put together, but underneath the surface they are bursting with creative energy.

But they are usually able to control any outbursts and channel it into their sense of humor.

Oak - The Stabilizer

June 10th - July 7th

People who are born under the sign of the oak are known as the 'Stabilizer' because of their ability to provide strength to those who need it.

They are protective of the people in their life, and will often come across as very nurturing. Because of this they enjoy having a large family to take care of.

However they do find issues when they aren't allowed to take control, as they like to be the ones everyone turns to in the family.

Holly - The Ruler

July 8th - August 4th

The holly tree represents the 'Rulers' of the world, as they are often known as the leaders or people in positions of authority.

They are capable of overcoming any obstacles put in their way, and several people look up to them as their inspiration.

They are generous and affectionate, which contributes to why people are so fond of them, and their intelligence is always off the charts.

They do need to be kept busy though, as they may fall into some lazy habits if they aren't challenged to keep moving forward.

Hazel - The Knower

August 5th - September 1st

The 'Knowers' are born under the hazel sign, and they are typically organized, intelligent, and efficient.

They have good memories and can often recall facts quickly, which can sometimes make them seem like a know-it-all.

They are often perfectionists and can compulsively obsess over the details of their projects, never quite happy with the results.

Vine - The Equalizer

September 2nd - September 29th

The people born during the vine's sign are called 'Equalizers' because of their ability to understand both sides of the story and mediate disputes.

They are, however, very indecisive and can have a hard time deciding between choices. They are refined and classy, enjoying luxury and elegance.

Ivy - The Survivor

September 30th - October 27th

As their name of 'Survivors' would indicate, those born under the ivy sign are able to overcome the most difficult situations.

They are often faced with challenges and yet they seem to handle them all with a dignified grace. They persevere without complaint, and remain charming no matter what happens to them.

Reed - The Inquisitor

October 28th - November 24th

Reed-born individuals are known as 'Inquistors' because of their ability to dig up the dirt on anything. They are always looking for the truth, and won't give up until they find the answers they're looking for.

They are extremely persuasive, and can become a bit manipulative if they are having a hard time getting the information they want.

They are, however, usually very moral people, so their investigations aren't done out of malice, but instead curiosity.

Elder - The Seeker

November 25th - December 23rd

Know as 'seekers,' the people born in the elder sign are usually thought to be chasing after the next big thing.

They are extremely thoughtful and try to help others, but their tendency to remain brutally honest can be a bit much at times.

They are always on the move and are known to be thrill seekers, but they can often appear withdrawn because they are so deep in their own thoughts.

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