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Always Lay Something Down When Using Change Tables, You Could Be Exposing Your Baby To Something Serious

If you or someone you know uses public change tables for their babies, you need to warn them about the potential dangers.

In addition to viruses and other various bacteria on the table, the new fentanyl drug craze is making its way to public change tables.

In a recent interview with the Toronto Sun, Cole Nicholls opened up about his drug addiction and how the deadly drug is becoming commonplace in today's society.

Fentanyl is extremely dangerous and more often than not is deadly, but Nicholls says that doesn't matter.

""˜The high is worth the risk.' That's what people think. They think it's not going to happen to them."

So how does this tie into changing tables?

Users of fentantyl pills will often crush them into powders to add to tobacco, marijuana, or just snort the powder straight. Each user, on average, consumes 10 tablets a day and usually does so in a semi-public place, like a public washroom. The most convenient place to crush these pills is on the change table in a public washroom. Because opiods can be absorbed through the skin, it poses an incredible risk to both babies and the person changing them.

Fentanyl is one of the drugs singer Prince overdosed on, and has recently led to the deaths of many teenagers across Canada. Parents are urging schools and other public environments to carry nalaxone kits, which is the opiod antidote for overdoses.

Though there have not been any reported case of infants reacting to fentanyl from change tables as of yet, it's a scary reminder that public places are not always as safe as we think. When changing your child in a public place, using a sheet or towel is always a good idea.

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