Charles Manson's Will Seems As Crazy As The Man Himself

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Charles Manson's Will Seems As Crazy As The Man Himself

Los Angeles Times

Following the death of Charles Manson, many have wondered what would become of the notorious cult leader's estate, and now we finally have the answers.

Manson left everything in his will to his longtime pen pal after famously disinheriting his known children, ex-wives, in-laws, lawyers, friends, inmates, police officers, prison guards, and the State of California.

Manson and his pen pal began sending letters to each other in the late 90s, and would eventually evolve their correspondence into phone calls and the occasional visits.

The pair's close bond would lead to the unknown man inheriting all of Manson's personal belongings, including cash, image rights and clothing in the will he wrote on February 14, 2002, TMZ reports.

The mass murderer also leaves his pen pal his "exclusive music catalog." He most notably wrote a song for the Beach Boys, which the group recorded.

However, another source claims the sole beneficiary of the will isn't an unnamed pen pal, but rather someone we may already know.

According to The Sun, Manson left his entire estate to his long lost "son," Matthew Roberts.

Manson's friend, Ben Gurecki, said the infamous killer entrusted him with his will in March, and told him to give it Roberts.

While it's unknown if this will is legally binding, it also leaves Roberts in charge of Manson's body.

"It names Matthew as his son and that's where he elects for his stuff to go to and who is to be in charge," Gurecki said.

Roberts was adopted and did not find out who his biological parents were until 2001. Although DNA test results proved to be inclusive, Gurecki said Manson knew Roberts was his flesh and blood.

A GoFundMe campaign had been set up to pay for the felon's funeral costs, but was quickly shutdown by the fundraising site. John Michael Jones started the campaign to help Manson's grandson, Jason Freeman, give him a proper burial.

"It breaks my heart to see Jason now suffering from the same prejudices, hate, discrimination and deliberate lies that his grandfather endured for 48 years," Jones wrote on the site.

It has been reported if nobody claims Manson's body within 10 days, the prison will cremate his body, and the expenses will be taken out of the assets of his estate.

Who do you think should inherit Manson's estate?

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