Look Inside The Former Jail House That's Now A Hotel

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Look Inside The Former Jail House That's Now A Hotel

Wikimedia Commons/The Liberty Hotel

Believe me when I tell you I never want to go to jail. Never. But, after taking a look inside the Liberty Hotel in Boston, I might have changed my mind!

The Liberty Hotel is a luxurious place to stay in Boston, and was formerly the Charles Street Jail. It's a historic national landmark built in 1851, and now it's home to 300 rooms and suites with a view of the river.

In 1973, the jail was declared unfit due to the violation of the inmates' constitutional rights, leaving them in poor living conditions. It took decades for all the inmates to be transferred out of the prison, and then even longer for it be converted into something new. Now, however, the former jail house is a high-demand hotel, and looking inside you would never know it used to house some of Boston's most notorious criminals!

First off, let's take a look at that view. It's better than most places would offer, and that balcony looks pretty spacious. I'd be willing to be inmates didn't get to see anything like that when they were in there!

The interior of the hotel is actually breathtaking, as you can see the catwalks where guards would monitor the inmates. Now, guests can walk the catwalks to get a full view o the space.

The Liberty Hotel

The rooms are pretty spacious and modern, which isn't something you'd think when hearing "former jail." You could definitely do some reading, relaxing, or work in one of these suites.

The hotel is also dog friendly, and has a lot of subtle nods to its past as a jail. See the pillows on the couch?

I'd say this bed is more comfortable than the cots that inmates had to sleep on! Note the keys on the wall...another nod.

This kitchenette is nicer than the one in my first apartment!

As for the restaurant, it's called "Clink." This hotel really didn't miss any opportunities for callbacks.

This is my favorite part of the whole hotel. The exposed brick and bars really add to the atmosphere.

Alright, now I know inmates weren't getting meals like this back in the day.

You can also hold receptions and events at The Liberty Hotel, and you won't even have to sign in with the front desk officer.

As for the former exercise space for the inmates, it's now a beautiful outdoor venue for guests to rent or tour around.

This cobblestone walk is a blast from the past.

I think I would love to stay at The Liberty Hotel. Just make sure you get a checkout date!

Would you stay in a hotel like this?

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