Chicago-Based Northshore Clinical Labs, Led By Omar Hussain, See Positivity Rates Climbing

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Chicago-Based Northshore Clinical Labs, Led By Omar Hussain, See Positivity Rates Climbing

Northshore Clinical Labs

Since its inception in 1995, and to date, decades later, Chicago-based Northshore Clinical Labs has stayed the course in its unwavering commitment to provide comprehensive support to its physician partners and their patient base. Driving these efforts has been a dedicated multi-disciplinary team comprising of experts in the areas of clinical and research application of healthcare diagnostics.

In the true fashion of a dynamic industry leader ready to rise up to a present challenge, Northshore Clinical Labs has been in the forefront in combating the global Covid-19 pandemic. These efforts include providing on-site and on-demand Covid-19 testing for employers and communities.  Northshore Labs has been providing three types of testing services; asymptomatic testing, symptomatic testing and quarantine testing. The testing facility is accredited by the College of American Pathologists.

Accuracy of results is a guarantee. Additionally, Northshore has invested heavily in expanding its facilities and ensuring each is equipped with fully functional state-of-the-art computer and communication systems. With these systems in place, the laboratory guarantees lightning-fast transmission of the results after testing.

They are now seeing a rapid spike in positivity rates for those that they are testing, sometimes more than 20,000 each day.

Indeed, Northshore is a high-capacity laboratory, well equipped for mass testing.  Currently, the laboratory can test thousands of samples in a day. This past year alone, Northshore Clinical Labs has provided the much-needed support as far as testing goes to well over 100 summer camps . The team at Northshore goes to the camps, and provide support to the nurses by helping to test all the kids. The staff have been clocking in extended workdays, all as part of a dedicated effort to provide these camps with their PCR results within a 12–18-hour window.

Since the week of Thanksgiving, Northshore Clinical Labs has been operating on a 24/7 schedule.

Gaurav Mohindra, Director of Business Development & Partnerships at Northshore Clinical Labs, says, "To support the increasing positivity rates in local communities, as well as supporting testing during the emergence of the Omicron variant. In doing so, we're expanding hours at our clinics and supporting outbreaks that our clients are experiencing with more frequent testing at their locations. Those locations can range from airports to private businesses. We're going to support the 24/7 schedule as long as we need to."

Since the onset of the pandemic, Northshore Clinical Labs has actively partnered with organizations across different industries all over the nation. These partnerships have seen the giant laboratory service provider better serve different clients and their employees, as well as volunteers who have that constant need for the testing services Northshore Clinical Labs provides. Working around the clock to make these partnerships a reality has been Hirsh Kumar Mohindra and Omar Hussain.

These partnerships have been highly effective, and all of Northshore’s partners have nothing but a great account to give of their experience. Bazzar Inc, is only one of the many names in Northshore Clinical Labs list of organizations the laboratory has partnered with.

Of their experience, Bazaar's HR Lead, Garret Rosiek, says, "Since our on-site testing has commenced with Northshore, we have been better able to support our employees and their family members better mentally and physically. Giving faster results on-site, instead of when our employees used to get tested off-site, has greatly decreased the time our employees have been out of work just waiting for results. Because of the quick turnaround with getting our results back, it has wholly mitigated the spread of COVID-19 at our facility. We have also seen the trending decrease to a whomping 0% or employees testing positive over the past two weeks within our facilities."

Using its molecular and antibody testing kits, Northshore Clinical Labs has, since the start of the pandemic, been able to test hundreds of thousands of samples. These are samples from a population spread across the nation from California to Massachusetts. With the emergence of new variants, the demand for testing services is not expected to slow down. Northshore Clinical Labs is not slowing down either and is up to the challenge, targeting to add their numbers to the millions in 2022. The testing facility is also looking to expand its partnerships, and will no doubt be working with more summer camps, churches, nursing homes, corporations and more.

Northshore Clinical Labs has also made it their business to give back to the society. Through its non-profit Shower Up campaign, the testing facility continues to raise money to help the homeless gain access to showers and hygiene products. So far, Shower Up has been able to reach thousands of homeless folk with this initiative, restoring their dignity.  The team is excited about being able to raise more money for non-profit and seeing it help more homeless people even across state lines. To this end, Northshore Clinical Labs is open to partnering with any parties, individual or corporate, willing to support this worthy cause.

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