Chicken Nuggets Recalled After Customers Find Wood Pieces In Them

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Chicken Nuggets Recalled After Customers Find Wood Pieces In Them

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We're only three weeks into 2019, but it looks like we might have to brace ourselves for another year filled with frequent food recalls.

While recalls are a good sign that the U.S. Department of Agriculture is doing a good job in ensuring that our food is safe even amidst a shutdown, they're also a scary reminder that we sometimes don't really know what goes into the food we eat.

This week, Perdue Farms is recalling their chicken nuggets after people reported finding pieces of wood within the meat.

Perdue Farms chicken nugget

According to the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service, more than 68,000 pounds of frozen SimplySmart Organics Gluten Free Breaded Chicken Nugget packages are affected.

The 22-ounce bags have a "best-by" date of October 25, 2019, and have been shipped to retailers across the country.

"The problem was discovered when the firm received three consumer complaints that wood was found in the product," the Food Safety and Inspection Service said in a statement.

If you have an affected product in your freezer, throw it away or return the package to the place where you made the purchase.

Perdue has reassured customers that this is an isolated incident, and only a "minimal amount" of packages may contain wood.

While no injuries or deaths have been reported, the company issued the recall as a precautionary measure.

Let your family and friends know about this important recall so they can stay safe.

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