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Chinese Magician's Reveals The Secret To His Trick When He Gets Scared [Video]

Being a street magician is one of the toughest jobs out there. You need to practice your tricks until everything is totally perfect, make sure all your props are in perfect shape, then fool an audience before their very eyes.

So it's no surprise that trick's often don't go exactly as planned. But a rabbit jumping out of the hat before the magician says "presto change-o" isn't as embarrassing as the mishap in this video.

This performer from China is doing some "street weightlifting" with the help of his trusty assistant, who's been ripped in half. He practiced this trick for hours, but a handful of firecrackers weren't part of the plan!


街頭分身舉重! 更多視頻在 JFOX 娛樂頻道

Posted by JFOX 娛樂頻道 on Monday, April 3, 2017

This clip has been going viral in China since it appeared on the Facebook page JFOX.

Hopefully these two unlucky performers will share more of their tricks in the future. This one was really impressive...until it all went wrong!

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